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Everything You Need To Know About Blush: Types, Shades And Where To Apply

Everything You Need To Know About Blush: Types, Shades And Where To Apply

Blush is the perfect way to give your skin some color. It can make you appear more youthful and healthier by mimicking the flush you get when you laugh, become embarrassed, or were just out in the sun. Many women skip the blush in their makeup routine – I am guilty of it myself – but if you want that rosy-cheeked, healthy flush you should learn to love it.

If you haven’t had much experience with blush, then here are some things you should keep in mind: from types of blush, to shades, and where to apply it for your face shape.

There are two main types of blush

Powder blush: This is probably what first pops into your head when you think of blush – that little plastic container with the pink rouge in it you always saw in your mom’s vanity. Powder blush is very easy to apply, and it comes in matte, dewy, and shimmery finishes (though if you have bumps or blemishes keep in mind shimmery blush will just highlight them even more, so you might want to opt for a matte one.)

Cream blush: Cream blush is great because it will look even more natural than a powder brush, you can apply it with your fingers, and you can wear it all on its own, without any primer or foundation. So if you want some glow to your skin but can’t be bothered to do a whole face of makeup, just pop some cream blush on, and you’re good to go.

blush types and shades where to apply blush

Choose the right color of blush for your skin tone

There are endless shades when it comes to blush and endless options. But while you may think a color is pretty, it might not look that well with your skin tone once you apply it. So, here’s a handy guide which can direct you on what shades you should be looking at based on your skin tone.

Fair Skin opt for soft pale, and baby pinks.

Medium Skin opt for peachy tones and pinks that are more mauve-based.

Olive Skin opt orange-toned blushes, like corals, or true rose-red shades.

Dark Skin opt for plum-toned purples and brick red or orange-toned shades.

Know where to apply it

The usual tip you hear about where to place your blush, is to smile and where our cheeks rise, that’s where you apply it. But not all faces are built the same, so blush will look more flattering if you place it based on your face shape.

blush types and shades where to apply blush


Round faces – For round faces, you’d apply the blush along the cheekbones and sweep it up towards your temples. This will make your face appear slimmer.

Square faces – Apply it just underneath the cheekbone, or on the outer part of your apples.

Heart-shaped faces –  Start by the outer corner of your cheekbone and sweep it towards the outer corner of your eye. You can also blend it on the hairline.

Oval faces – Apply the blush over our cheekbones and sweep it upwards toward the temples.

Long faces – Apply it on the center of your apples, but don’t blend it upwards. Just apply it on the center of your cheeks.

Know how to apply it

As with everything in makeup, start with a light hand and apply more if you need it.

A good brush is essential – you want a fluffy, full brush with soft bristles. If the bristles are too dense, like in a foundation brush, the blush will not blend properly. You want a brush that’s sparser, but still full to give you the perfect finish.

But remember, at the end of the day, there’s really no rules when it comes to makeup. If you like a blush color, you want to wear it, and you think it looks good – go for it. No one knows what looks better on you, than you.


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