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These 15 Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

These 15 Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

House chores – tasks such as cleaning, washing, and ironing that have to be done regularly at home. Well, from dusting to preparing the meal I just love being engaged with house chores. I know almost everybody of us wants to have a tidy and clean house (here’s a great house cleaning checklist) but when it takes to put things into actions it becomes a whole different story. As you know, cleaning your house doesn’t always have to take days, if you break the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly even seasonal time things can become pretty easier and cleanER.

Below are some hacks that will help you develop that neatness you always had in your subconsciousness:

1. Do you have difficulty cleaning your laptop’s keyboard? Now you can do it using slime and your laptop will thank you. 🙂

Source: Cnet


2. Rub down your chopping board with salt and lemon.

Source: Kcet|  Linda Ly


3. Crumpled paper can be used to clean your windows.

Source: Mom 4 Real


4. For seriously rusted-out and busted pans we suggest a vinegar soak.

Source: Bon Appetit


5. Keep those earphones clean with a toothbrush.

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady


6. Olive oil and vinegar can rescue your wood furniture from that sad state.


Source: Listotic


7. You can easily clean your iron by running it hot (no steam) over a piece of paper or foil covered with salt.

Source: A Mum’n The Oven


8. Use a rubber glove to clean up pet hair.

Source: Real Simple


9. Put plastic bags filled with vinegar around your shower heads to rid them of stains.

Source: Reddit


10. If you have marks on light colored shoes try to clean them with acetone (nail polish remover).

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Source: She Finds

11. You can clean three blinds in one brush.


Source: Joyful Homemaking


12. Aha, now I know how to do it.

Source: Lifehacker


13. Use toothpaste to clean steel pots, pans, and baking dishes.


Source: It Still Runs

14. Use your fuzzy socks as a Swiffer pad.

Source: An English Accent


15. Didn’t know how to sweep away the cobwebs? You have the idea now.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady


From: Diply

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