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Different Makeup Styles From 10 Countries Around The World

Different Makeup Styles From 10 Countries Around The World

Almost every woman around the globe seems to be using a perfect red lipstick, a quality mascara or a great concealer. But, have you noticed that some women from certain areas look different than others from different parts of the world? Some prefer matte lips, and others bold brows or intense colors.

MAC Cosmetics is a cosmetics manufacturer founded by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in Toronto in 1984. It has stores all over the world. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and India are only some of them.

The Insider has reached out to senior makeup artists from MAC Cosmetics to research the different trends they spot in their home counties. They were asked about the top makeup trends as well as the styles and products.
Scroll down for the responses. Also, you will learn how to do your makeup like a local around the planet.

1 .In the US, intense colors and big lashes are key.


Ashley Rudder/Instagram

MAC Senior Artist Ashley Rudder, on the left and actress and model Ke’Andra Samone.

“It’s been great to see an emergence of color being requested. I’ve been using so much more color on the eyes with navy and deep plum eyeliners. Color on the lips has been a hit as well … specifically, bold matte lip shades in red, orange, burgundy, and eggplant have all been strong requests as well.” Ashley Rudder, a MAC senior artist in the US, disclosed for Insider.

Also, another huge trend she has spotted are big and beautiful lashes.

“This look is achieved with lots of mascara, and possibly with the addition of false lashes everywhere. I think it’s pretty smart since it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up your eyes with minimal effort. Plus, it looks great with any lip shade from nude to deep plum.” she said.

In order to achieve a great look, the makeup artist recommends MAC’s Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash in 3D Black: “This mascara creates deep ebony lashes that are voluminous and crazy long. It basically creates a lash wig, since it has tiny fibers that weave in between your lashes to create a gorgeous glamazon lash!”

2. In Brazil, people go for a natural look, with matte lips.


Fabiana Gomes/Instagram

The senior makeup artist based in Brazil is called Fabiana Gomes. She said that Brazilian women are fond of matte finish for the lips and also ‘no makeup’ look too. Her personal favorite MAC lipstick is Ruby Woo.

“Brazilian makeup culture was and still is based on a natural look. In past years, the bold lip statement style took over Brazilian’s woman faces, paired with natural and effortless skin and eyes.” she told Insider.

And of course, the ideal makeup is tied to what’s cool on social media.
“With constant posts on social media related to makeup, I am seeing an increasing interest in learning how to achieve certain looks on their own,” Gomes said. “It’s very interesting that we are transitioning into a mindset that is more about learning how to do the look and getting the perfect selfie.”

3. Canadians love their bold brows and matte lips.


Melissa Gibson/Instagram

In Canada, all the varieties of brows are the women’s choice for their leading feature when it comes to makeup. Bold, wild or even bleached.

“Both looks are striking and pair well with the second major trend of strong, matte lips. Beige nudes and deep reds are making an appearance simultaneously.” Melissa Gibson, a MAC senior artist in Canada, told Insider.

She recommends MAC Brow Set in Clear: “The ultimate gel based formula to control the brow and keep it in place without flaking or becoming stiff but still leaving a slight shine. Great for lashes as well!”

4. People in the UK love natural-looking contouring and highlighting.


Rachel O’Donnel/Instagram

“In the UK, contour and highlighting is still the most requested from clients,but it’s becoming more of a natural enhancement rather than a dramatic change that consumers desire.” Rachel O’Donnel, a MAC senior makeup artist in the UK, told Insider.

“Makeup is becoming more real again, less artificial looking but more enhanced,” O’Donnell said. “Skin is looking plump and fresh, lips are full and brows are always groomed and filled.”

The women in the UK tend to bring put their natural beauty more.
So, O’Donnell said that lipsticks like MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor as well as lightweight foundations like the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation are perfect for that.

5. People in India wear bold makeup looks like smoky eyes, winged eye liner, and bright lips.


Sonic Sarwate/Instagram

Like many others, the makeup mavens in India are inspired by social media.

“Clients usually show various references from social media of what they are looking to achieve,” Sonic Sarwate, a MAC senior artist based in India, explained to Insider. “Bold makeup looks like smoky eyes, winged eye liner, contouring, highlighting, bright and bold lips are the most popular trending looks today.”

The big trends seem to be the smokey eyes and bright lip colors. Especially, a strong red lip (Sarwate likes MAC Lipsticks in Ruby Woo, All Fired Up, and Feel So Grand)

“Reflective lips are becoming something more frequently requested.Clients want to try something different and new. There’s definitely more awareness and willingness to wear more makeup as compared to past few years, and I think social media plays a major role in that.” Sonic continued.

6. Australians tend to gravitate toward practical long-wearing, sweat-resistant products.


Carol Mackie/Instagram

The MAC senior makeup artist based in Australia is Carol Mackie. She says that the trends are still based on the celebrities, whether it’s matte lips, highlighting, or glamorous eye makeup. But, it can still differ by region.

“The northern section of Australia has a more tropical influenced climate, hot and humid in the summer, and quite warm and dry in the winter, while the southern parts are cooler with mild summers and cool, sometimes rainy winters, which means trends in foundation selection change,” Mackie disclosed for Insider.

Carol said that the MAC clients tend to use more long-wearing products. The most popular product in Australia is MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

7. In the United Arab Emirates, strong brows and lashes are popular, even for “no makeup” looks.


Vimi Joshi/Instagram

“The Middle Eastern woman is globally renowned for her dramatic makeup. The women in this region love experimenting with beauty trends and are very social media savvy in achieving the latest looks.” a MAC senior makeup artist based out of the United Arab Emirates, Vimi Joshi, explained for Insider.

“The current trend that most women are requesting is the ‘no makeup’ trend which translates to the ‘no makeup full coverage’ look complemented by strong brows and nude lips, lots of mascara and soft nude eye makeup,” disclosed Joshi.

In order to achieve the look, she recommends MAC 4 Lash and MAC Brow Set in Deep Dark.

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8. In Japan, highlighting and red lips are the latest beauty obsessions.


Rumiko Ikeda Harris/Instagram

Rumiko Ikeda Harris is the MAC makeup artist based in Japan. She emphasizes the highlighting of the cheekbone area as the biggest upcoming trend in Japan.

She said that everyday look is about, “well-groomed thick eye brows, contoured face, plumped lips, and eyes emphasized to appear bigger.”

The red lips are another popular trend. “Lip focused makeup is definitely an interest for women in our region,” Harris said. “Accentuated by a red toned lip colour, terracotta red, orange toned red, and more yellow based red lips are popular and easily accessible.”

Her choice is MAC’s Lipstick in See Sheer.

9.Bold, intense lips are super popular in Mexico.


Beatriz Cisneros/Instagram

The senior artist in Mexico says that there, women focus on neutral tones and matte lipstick, as well as a lot of mascara.

“The matte lip is still the preferred texture among Mexican women,” Cisneros said. Also, adding that MAC’s Liptensity is a popular product.

“We are seeing very bright tones, such as orange and red, and at the same time a very strong trend with nude, matte lips. The nudes we are seeing today are not the usual skin-colored nudes, but more so a notable brown and grey pigment.”

Also, the well-defined brows are still a big trend in Mexico.

“Women are looking to define and modify the shape of their brows using products like shadows, gels, and brow pencils in various forms,” she said.

10. And in France, flawless skin is of utmost importance.


Tom Sapin/Instagram

“Skin is definitely a focus that is always on trend,” said Tom Sapin, a senior artist in France.

“Women, especially in France are longing for perfected skin, but most of the time in a very natural way with invisible coverage.This is why new technologies in foundations and BB creams are meeting and exceeding everyone’s expectations.”

“I often see women looking for invisible foundation and primer that will make the skin perfect without massive coverage,” Sapin continued. “Products like MAC Timecheck Lotion offer that two in one guarantee to smooth and prep the skin. Combine this with a foundation like MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation and the lightweight look is completed.”

Like in many other countries, the French still keep the lipstick in style.

Source: thisisinsider

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