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DIY Cement Wood Stove For Outside Cooking

DIY Cement Wood Stove For Outside Cooking

Craft lovers, welcome to today’s scroll which is going to be a DIY tutorial on how to build a cement wood stove. There are many things you can do with cement such as home decorations, flower vases and pots, but the recent obsession has been building stoves!

This mini project is going to be so fun to do and a really creative way to spend Sunday afternoon. Getting yourself busy with projects like this one is totally worth it.

In the read below you’ll find everything you need for this craft, starting from the materials, to the instructions. There’s a lot of work to do, so roll up your sleeves and get busy!

Cement Wood Stove

The stove consists of the standing support, fireplace for the wood and a burner.

Cement Wood Stove

Materials you will need:

2 Plastic buckets
Styrofoam pieces
1 Plastic bin
Small hand shovel
Steel sticks
Metal Mesh
Construction scissors
Hot water

Instructions for the building process:

1. Build the standing support by pouring cement in a rounded plastic bucket, make it all smooth, lastly add a rounded Styrofoam piece. Let it dry!

2. Wrap the holes of the plastic bin with tape all around.

3. Pour a small amount of cement to the bin and spread it all around the bin creating a thin  layer of cement finally add a rounded Styrofoam piece at the bottom. It has to be smaller than the base of the bin!

4. Get 4 Styrofoam cubes and add at the sides evenly leaving space in between!

5. Add cement into the spaces and arrange steel sticks leaving space between one another just like a cooking rack!

6. Add a rounded plastic bucket with no end over the steel sticks and fill it in with sand to add weight to the sticks.

7. Insert a Styrofoam piece to one side and then wrap the plastic bucket with a metal mesh all around!

8. After it has dried well, empty the plastic bucket in the middle and remove it!

9. Remove the tape around the plastic bin and turn the bin upside down. Pour hot water over the plastic bin and remove it from the stove.

10. Remove the thin layers of cement using a spatula by breaking the cement until you see the steel sticks!

11. Remove the cubed and the rounded pieces of Styrofoam!

12. Bring the stove and the standing support together and lit the stove in fire!

13. Add a cooking rack atop the burner and you’re ready to cook dinner!

This DIY cement wood idea is the perfect thing to do if you desperately need a stove for the outdoors! Watch the detailed instructions in the video above!


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