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Health Benefits Of Ear Piercing In Men Which Dates Back 5300 Years Ago

Health Benefits Of Ear Piercing In Men Which Dates Back 5300 Years Ago

It is probably more noticeable than ever, in this century, that the border between gender roles has started to fade. Good for us! We see non-gender vibes all over the media and in everyday life, which is gradually helping for a better acceptance and a more equal society. So-called boys stuff only and girls stuff only are ceasing to exist. I hope we are going to keep looking towards a future which is going to push people to be themselves and towards a future which promotes individualism and uniqueness. This will serve us good as beings. And even though there is a lot of work needed to be done to vanish the ridiculous differences people set between genders in the past, we should cherish the fact that things are moving. When things move, change happens. And this world surely needs a lot of positive change.

Today we are going to discuss a topic which all of you who already are on this page, find it attractive: earrings. And, not earrings only – but earrings for men. Men have significantly begun to wear earrings over the past few years. Whilst many might believe this is a trend of the modern era, they are wrong. Historical evidence says the opposite. References indicate that the oldest mummified body from about 5300 years ago demonstrated evidence of ear piercings. So, there are a lot of artistic and written references from different cultures all around the world dating to ancient times in the history of men sporting earrings; and it also has a historical, cultural and social basis.

Over the centuries, earrings have been a sign of a myriad of things, such as wealth, nobility, slavery, prostitution, fertility and probably many other situations and conditions. Indian tribes and the tradition of men wearing earrings is also connected. They used facial piercings and jewelry as tools to modify their bodies for religious and cultural initiations and rituals. Still being used in these cultures even today, body modification is often a symbol of age, status, wealth and standing within the tribe.


ear piercing in men



A more literal sense of vanity is associated today in the modern body modification era. In the late 1960s and early 70s, hippies and homosexuals adopted the wearing of earrings and the once-taboo quickly turned into a fad, catching on in the celebrity community, with punk rocks bands and athletes beginning to pierce their ears as well. Nowadays, the perception of earrings has started to become wider, and especially after celebrities and young men embraced it as part of their expression of individualism, earrings have become very common.

Some of the health benefits known to come out of ear piercing for men are going to be listed below:

  • Piercing is widely accepted by all traditions and can be a form of expressing one’s culture
  • Diath piercing is known to be a cure for migraine pain
  • Certain studies show that by piercing the earlobe at an early age, the impairments related to throat, eyes, tongue, and ear can be minimized
  • Back pains can be cured by piercing the are one inch above the standard lobe
  • Based on the are of piercing, it is believed by many traditions that it can impact and enhance a person’s vision
  • Improves one’s self-esteem when used as a jewelry to stand out from the crowd
  • Helps with chronic pain and muscle relaxation


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ear piercing in men



Meanwhile, some of the main reasons why men decide to wear an ear piercing are:

— A fashion trend

It definitely can serve as a fashion statement.

— As a symbol of status or wealth

In order to broadcast their wealth, some men wear diamond studs.

— To rebel

When men are trying to rebel against something, they wear earrings in some cases. That sense of rebelling, of course, might include rebelling against society, parents, or just to be different and an outstanding one which does not follow the crowd.

— Therapeutic benefit

Pirates used to believe that their long distance vision was better with earrings. Nowadays, acupuncture professionals are using it as a treatment against drug dependence, eating disorders, etc.

— Actors in character

Some men need it in their profession, for example, is they are actors and have a role to play which requires for them to get an ear piercing in one or both ears.

— To look “cool” and be attractive to potential partners

Common, let’s admit it: It really looks bloody hot and people love the word hot.

— A gift

It can also be a gift from their partner or friend.

— A religious custom or tradition

Celebrated by a major feast with relatives and friends, children of Hindu religion get their ear piercings by the age of four.

— Spirituality

In Buddhism, it is considered a sign of spiritual development.

— Presenting your sexuality or making a statement

Because they want to be visible and there’s so much right on it.


ear piercing in men



Dear guys, if you want to have that ear piercing you have been dreaming and wishing of over and over again – have it and don’t listen to the voices around judging you. They can’t define you. Be brave, be courageous. Only you can define yourself. Do it good!


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