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Everything You Should Know In Case You Have Oily Skin

Everything You Should Know In Case You Have Oily Skin

For forever, people have aimed to have perfect skin since that is the first thing one notices about themselves when looking in the mirror every morning. Besides this, skin also is the first thing that gets other people’s attention for a particular individual since it is there, exposed to anyone.

In case you are one of the lucky ones who happen to have perfect skin, you have to bear in mind that it does not stop there. For you to keep it in the present condition, you also have to make sure you are doing everything in your power to maintain it that way. Even in cases when what you are facing is the ‘not so perfect skin, don’t lose hope. There’s a solution to it.

For you to find the best way to treat your skin, you initially must define which of the categories your skin falls into. With this said, you probably know that there are different skin types out there, so to begin with, knowing which one you have is the most crucial key.

In case you weren’t aware of this before, we are here to inform you about everything you need to know regarding skin types.

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Skin types fall into four categories,’ such as normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and a combination of the three. However, if at this time you have a particular type of skin, that does not mean you will have it after years pass. Take, for instance, people at a younger age have a different type of skin, but, as they age their skin type is prone to change.

According to WebMD your skin type depends on different factors, such as the amount of water one has in their skin since this affects its comfort and elasticity. Another factor is how oily your skin is which affects its softness and finally, how sensitive your skin is.

In case you fall into the type where your skin is normal, then, these are the signs of it. Your skin is prone to have no or a few imperfections, no severe imperfections, no severe sensitivity, barely visible pores, and a radiant complexation.

Whereas, when your skin type is dry, then most likely you may have almost invisible pores, dull, rough complexion, red patches, your skin is less elastic, and the lines are more visible. Skin crack, peel, an itchy feeling, irritation, or inflammation are what also best describe dry skin.

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While when facing oily skin, the signs listed are most probably what you are having. Enlarged pores, dull or shiny thick complexation, blackheads, pimples or other blemishes. However, oiliness is most likely to change depending upon the time of the year or the weather.

Lastly, the combination of the three types of skin. I bet you all have heard of the T-zone which covers the nose, forehead, and chin. Sometimes, your skin can be dry or normal in some areas while in the T-zone it can be oily. Know that the majority of people fall into this one category. In this type of skin, people are more likely to have pores that look larger than normal since they are more open, blackheads, and shiny skin.

What we are here to discuss today, is everything related to oily skin. Such as oily skin causes, how to permanently get rid of oily skin, oil face treatments, oily skin products, and finally, home remedies for oily skins.

Oily Skin Causes

As much as you’re not a fan of oily skin (I mean who would be) in case you are having it what is left for you to do is learn about the causes, how to treat it, and get rid of the oily skin permanently, whether by using different skin products or home remedies.

The reason why one might have oily skin is due to the large amount of sebum that is produced in our body. In order for us to have soft and supple skin, our body produces oil, and sometimes too much sebum is produced. For those who haven’t heard of sebum before, this is the oily substance that comes from sebaceous glands. Thanks to the sebum, one’s skin, and hair, are properly moisturized. This also might lead to acne flare-ups and oiliness which are some of the leading acne causes.

Has it ever crossed your mind why your face is so oily? If so, the reason is because of two factors, hormones and genetics. What also might be considered as a cause of oily skin is stress, hormones, and climate. Read more about the Oily Skin causes here.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin Permanently

You have come to that point in your life that oily skin looks like a curse to you and all you want to do now is, get rid of it. The action you can take against oily skin is skin products, face treatments, or home remedies for oiliness. To do so, you have to follow some proper steps.

According to BeautySlogan, there are two ways of treating skin oiliness. The natural treatment and the medical treatment.

Home Remedies For Oiliness

Natural treatment means when what you’re opting for are the natural remedies and following homemade techniques to remove oily skin. While, the medical treatments stand for using different skin products such as cream, gel, and ointment to remove it. However, I bet we all are aware that opting for natural treatment is always a safer solution since the chances for you to have side effects are lower, even nonexistent.

Some of the natural home remedies you can go for removing the oiliness off your face are using tomato, apple, cucumber, papaya, orange, lemon, egg, aloe vera, milk, and baking soda. While, the home techniques you can always use are, steam, exercise, exfoliation, make-up removing.

Face Treatments

If oily skin is problematic for you, then there are some face treatments you can opt for which for sure will help you reduce or get rid of the oiliness. According to MedicalNewsToday, washing your face regularly, using a toner, pat the face dry, using blotting papers or medicated pads, using facial masks such as clay, honey, oatmeal are some of the best treatments you can go for and your face will for sure thank you for this.

Oily Skin Products

Besides the natural treatment for your face, you can always opt for oily skin products to permanently get rid of the oiliness. Beforehand, you should know what types of products you should buy.

According to DermStore, the best ones for excess oil are, EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 since this product is enriched with lactic acid which is known for its ability to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin.
Another product you can go for is GlamGlow’s YOUTH MUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Oil Control Lotion, Avene Oil-Free Gel Cleanser, SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture, First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay.

Whatever method you decide to go for getting rid of the oily skin, we advise you to initially visit a doctor and seek for medical help. Your doctor is the one to determine what’s best for your type of skin since what works for some people’s skin, might not work for yours.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article: text, graphics, images, and other materials contained are strictly for informational purposes only. The Content is NOT intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Please ALWAYS seek the advice of a qualified health provider with all the questions that you have related to, or about, a medical condition.

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