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16 Extreme Pranks Too Tough Even For The Most Stouthearted

16 Extreme Pranks Too Tough Even For The Most Stouthearted


Is there anything funnier than playing a prank on someone? I don’t think so! The only way a prank is not funny is if it’s played on you. But otherwise, they’re hilarious! The look of absolute shock on the victim’s face! Priceless!

We already showed you a few diabolical ideas for pranks and now it’s time for more! Let your inner devious mischief maker come to the surface. Go on, you know you want to! Come, and join the dark side, with these awesome practical jokes, courtesy of Diply. A fair warning though, make sure your relationship with your target is strong enough to survive (or that you don’t really care about it), because these shenanigans sure will put it to the test.

1. No-one’s ever awaited the opening of a door more eagerly than whoever set this magnificent booby-trap!


Source: Instagram | @cathann24

2. This cheddar cheese juice will make your victim suspect every single glass of orange juice for the rest of their lives!


Source: Twitter | @jennsouther

3. Well, their day couldn’t possibly get crappier than this…


Source: Imgur | dizzyjoe

4. Ah, sibling wars! That box is probably empty, isn’t it?


Source: Instagram | @redbankplaza

5. Auto correct has never been more annoying! They could’ve chosen a more commonly used word though…


Source: Twitter | @michaelsana13

6. This is for that one colleague who always complains that the office has no plants. Or for the colleague who keeps asking for a new keyboard.


Source: Flickr | wetwebwork

7. Okay, calm down Satan!


Source: Reddit | pdmcmahon

8. You need extreme patience and precision to dismantle this devious contraption. So make sure your victim has none of those!


Source: Reddit | lunarseed

9. You must be a truly brave soul to mess with someone’s dessert!


Source: Reddit | dummystupid

10. It’s so nice to always be there for your roommate when he needs you…


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Source: Twitter | @deno_tron

11. I’m sure she will laugh when she sees all her wedding photos are ruined!


Source: Twitter | @McJesse

12. Wonder what Jerry and Robby’s tests looked like… Feels like we’re only getting one side of the story here.


Source: Reddit | HarrisL147

13. When you’re out hunting for the elusive bluecoat, baiting your traps with donuts is guaranteed to work


Source: Reddit | Enemyinme

14. The perfect prank requires months of planning ahead and extreme dedication


Source: Reddit | Ownagetacos

15. Oh, that’s much better than mayonnaise!


Source: reddit | yeehawjared

16. When their car is boring and needs to be a bit more flair, just redecorate it with hundreds of sticky notes!


Source: Imgur | ICanDrawFish
From: diply

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