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If You Give A Baby An Egg, They Will…

If You Give A Baby An Egg, They Will…

What could possibly go wrong when handing something breakable to your baby? A LOT! However, that’s their way of exploring the concept of cause and effect. They begin to understand that they can make things happen by throwing, pushing, or playing with things. But, what about handing them a fragile egg? It sounds like an even worse idea, however, the result is not what you expect.

It looks like brave parents are challenging themselves with the new “Baby Egg Challenge”. This is a TikTok trend of parents handing an egg to their baby and waiting for their reaction. Will they throw it, try to eat it, or want to play with it? Well, “They say if you give a baby an egg, they will be gentle with it,” is the introductory sentence of each of these videos. Therefore, we have gathered some of the most adorable ones below. Soon, you’ll find out the surprising results!


Gentle or Experimental?

This is how the “Baby Egg Challenge” started. Gentle or experimental, let’s see how this cute baby will treat his new egg!


Babies new best friend #babyandegg #fyp

♬ original sound – Cassandra Nguyen

Watch until the end to see if this adorable baby will resist the temptation of breaking the egg!


Egg challenge with bb Z. Watch till the end!!🤣 #babyeggchallenge#babytok2022#zaideeeilish

♬ original sound – Mommy Yeth and Baby Z 🌻 – Mommy Yeth

Protecting the egg at all costs! Giving a baby an egg might really give you unexpected results.


I can’t believe it! #babyeggchallenge

♬ original sound – BABYFACE

When “taking care of the egg” is going perfectly until he tries to stand up… Well, you can actually break things even without having the intention to do it.


Ok so whoever said that was lying #babyeggchallenge #babyegg

♬ original sound – Anna Mellor

Let’s see if “being gentle” applies to the next bundle of joy!


#babyeggchallenge #babyegg #homechef testing this 🐣 theory #fatherson

♬ Play Date – Melanie Martinez

And, here comes one of the most adorable videos! It looks like he really likes his new gift.


♬ original sound – Cassandra Nguyen

Who said you can’t be gentle with an egg even after it breaks? This baby shows it perfectly.


#keepingbusy #fyp

♬ original sound – Cassandra Nguyen

Remember that if you want to try the challenge on your baby, wash the outside of the shell first to avoid any risk of Salmonella infection. You can also hard boil the egg first for increased safety. Also, if your baby happens not to be so gentle with their egg, you will avoid the mess.

We hope you found a glimpse of joy in these cute videos!

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