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Here’s How And Where You Should Put Highlighter On

Here’s How And Where You Should Put Highlighter On

Highlighting has become one of the best parts about doing makeup. Honestly, if I don’t have highlighter on by the time my makeup look is done, it will not feel finished. A highlighter is best described as a makeup product that reflects on lights and placed at the highest points of your face. In the beauty world, you can find highlighters in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. You may have seen them all over your Instagram feed or at your favorite makeup store. Placing highlighter on will open up your face and make you look more alive.

However, for a beginner, it is a struggle knowing where to put the highlighter, how to do it, what to use or the amount that you should use. Some people will even have questions such as: Is there a limit to glowy skin? Am I doing it correctly? Is there even a correct way to do it? Well, in all honesty, makeup is fun and you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with it but let’s see how and where you are supposed to use a highlighter. Get ready to have glowy skin!

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How to put highlighter on

It is very important to know your skin tone when you want to put highlighter on. Different highlighters may appear like a white streak on your face and you are trying to avoid that. The point of the highlighter is to have your skin looking glowy and fresh. Keep in mind that you can always ask the employee at the store to help you out with the variety of highlighter to use. It may seem scary considering there are pretty much thousands of highlighters out there and you really don’t know what to choose.

Applying it is a very easy process, grab a small brush or a beauty sponge when you use a highlighter. It usually comes last, in the end when you are done doing your makeup. However, you can use an illuminating primer or a liquid highlighter underneath your foundation if you want a glowy looking skin. Powder highlighter is usually applied on top of your powdered face. And if you want a more dewy finish, spray your brush with a setting spray and blend it into the skin.


Places where to apply highlighter on

One of the biggest concerns for people who have just started using highlighters is where you can use it. These are the places where you can put highlighter on.

The highest point of your face.

The most common place where you can put highlighter on is your cheekbones. Highlighting these areas will define your cheeks and make your whole makeup look fall into place.

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Highlight your nose

Take your favorite highlighter and place it down the bridge of your nose and the tip. This will create the illusion of a smaller and thinner nose.

Highlight the brow bone

Highlighting your brow bone will define your brows and make them look sharp and shaped well. It will open up your face.

Highlight the cupid’s bow

This step will make your lips look fuller without lip injections.

Highlight the inner corner of the eyes

By highlighting the inner corners, your eyes will look more alive and you will look more awake. This step is one of my favorites. It will make your makeup look seem a lot different. And it is super easy to do.

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Highlight the chin and your forehead

This is all up to you. If you want to do this step too, make sure to use as little product as possible. Since placing a lot of highlighter on these areas will create a sweaty look, so just go light-handed.

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These steps will give you the most gorgeous glow. Highlighting is rapidly becoming one of the best makeup processes. You can do it on bare skin and just give skin a fresh, healthy glow. Honestly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup. These are the parts where you are supposed to apply highlighter but you can get creative and choose to do whatever. Just don’t forget after all your makeup is done, lock it in place with a setting spray and you’re good to go.

Tips: In case you didn’t know, you can actually highlight parts of your body too. If you are wearing a super-cute dress, you can always apply your highlighter on your collarbones and shoulders. Wherever light hits you while you’re walking or at a party, wedding, maybe simply for a night out, you will be shining everywhere. And that’s pretty much the goal here. Glowing!

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