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How To Make Your House Festive This Christmas

How To Make Your House Festive This Christmas

Can you already feel the magic of the year-end holidays? The warm and fuzzy holiday feelings? The smell of the season, the twinkling lights, the festive songs, the anticipation that better days are coming? A bunch of different emotions tangled up in a time when we feel closer to our loved ones. There’s a “Christmas spirit network” in our brains that even science supports. This network lights up when Christmas approaches slowly. All these warm fuzzy feelings can be related to nostalgia, especially to those who have always celebrated Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Be it Christmas lights, the Christmas tree, snowflakes, colorful decorations, holiday movies, or songs, they can bring flashbacks and take you completely back in time. A time when you were bursting with love and joy. A time when holidays fulfilled you in every way.

However, we want you back from your nostalgic trip. The holidays always come back, at the end of each year to make us experience it all over again. So, embrace it while it lasts! An essential part of this magical experience is undoubtedly home decor. Having holiday home decor will not only make the place feel festive, but it will also bring you joy because of all the time and effort you put into the prep! The good part is that there are no rules to making a house festive. It is different for every individual and it is up to you which way you want your home to look. Lights, ornaments, or even something as simple as putting some champagne out with glasses while the tree is being set up. It’s not only about the finish, but about the process and the feelings that certain festive items induce.

Whether you look for inspiration or you just want to rove around different festive house decorations, be our guest by scrolling down below!


The Festive Decor & Joy

Setting up the Christmas tree is always joyful. It brings the whole family or loved ones together. Ain’t no Christmas without a tree after all!


Is your tree up yet?🎄 we couldn’t wait any longer!! #christmas #home #decor #fyp

♬ Like It’s Christmas – Jonas Brothers

“POV- you just put the pumpkins out and your mind is already planning Christmas decor.” Every single time!


POV- you just put the pumpkins out and your mind is already planning Christmas decor. Links in my bio ✨🎄❤️#christmascountdown #decoration #homedecor #holidaycountdown #holidayvibes #holidaytiktok #aesthetic #pov #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – ☃️ c o s y – x m a s ☃️

A Christmas garland adds an exciting holiday feel to any corner of your home. This is how Claire does it!


Should we add more? 🤶🎄 #cozychristmas #classicchristmas #90schristmas #christmasdecor #garland #crazychristmas

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

Take a tour of Kirsten’s holiday home! It looks like every corner is screaming “Christmas”!


Kirsten’s holiday home tour 🎄

♬ We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Christy Carew


We hope you enjoyed some of the ways you can make your house festive! Don’t forget to enjoy each moment of the holidays! Try to bottle up some of its joy to use all year long! 🎄



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