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Running 101: Benefits Of Running And Tips For Beginners

Running 101: Benefits Of Running And Tips For Beginners

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise, and although it might not be as easy as one would believe, its health benefits are various. Many take to running as a form of exercise on a daily basis. That is to say, people have included running in their routines in order to ensure they are living healthy lifestyles that benefit both their body and their mind.

running benefits tips
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Running benefits: The physical and mental benefits running provides

According to research, there seems to be no system in the body that does not benefit from running. It can raise the levels of good cholesterol and help in increasing lung function and use. It also lowers the risk of developing blood clots and boosts your immune system. The benefits of running include:

1. Running improves your health

– Joins and muscles: Running can keep joints healthy, while the muscles around the joints strengthen.

– Blood vessels: As muscles get stronger, new blood vessels grow and this leads to reduced pressure in the system.

– Skin: Running tends to calm and improve skin conditions as well as boost self-confidence.

– Brain: Hormones and feel-good brain chemicals are released when one runs. Meaning running can help in easing stress, anxiety, as well as helps in treating depression.

– Liver: Keeping a healthy weight through running can reduce the risk of developing ‘fatty liver’, a problem where fat builds up in liver cells.

– Heart: When under strain, the heart starts pumping faster. Sports like running are effective if you want to strengthen the heart.

– Lungs: According to research, running improves the lung capacity and strengthens the respiratory muscles.

2. Evokes happiness

Researches found that even 30 minutes of exercising can lift the mood of someone who suffers from a major depressive order.

3. Keeps you in shape

It has been found that running helps one lose weight as well as tone the muscles from the waist down.

4. Boosts confidence

When you meet your goals and destinations, you get a sense of fulfillment and productivity, and all of this will also boost your confidence.

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running benefits tips
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Running Tips For Beginners

Before committing to running, there are quite a few things you should keep in mind. Some running tips for beginners would be:

– Equipment: Running requires little equipment. But, it does need a pair of good running shoes that suit the shape of your foot. For women, it is also advised to get a sports bra for better comfort.

– Do not start too fast: According to research, your body needs to get used to the new strains of running. So, when you start, you should begin with a moderate pace. If you start too fast, your body might experience pain or injuries and overexertion.

– Stay hydrated: Before you start running, you should make sure to have drunk at least 20 oz. of water 2 hours prior. You can also drink water during the run. However, once you begin running for more than 45 to 60 minutes, you should switch to a sports drink which will help you replace the vital electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Fuel yourself: You should eat at least 200 to 400 calories of mostly complex carbs and little protein 1.5 hours before you start running. According to Active, post-fueling is important as well. Meaning, you are advised to eat a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein within 30 to 45 minutes after a run.

– Start with a group: If you know that it’s difficult for you to commit to something when you’re on your own, starting with a group could really prove to be the motivation you need to wake up, get up, and run!

– Choose the running surface: According to Runtastic, running surface depends on the type of running you want to do. E.g: running in pavement is ideal for fast running, and a sandy surface will train your muscles but it’s easy to tire your calf muscles when running on sand so you should be careful.

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What are the benefits of running in the morning?

Compared to running during the evenings or any other time of the day, running in the morning has quite a few more advantages. Some of them include:

1. It’s easier to commit to: When you wake up in the morning, it’s easier to go for a run than it is at the end of the day when you’re all tired from work. It can also be more convenient because if you find yourself working long hours, running in the morning is the best way to include this exercise in your routine.

2. Beautiful surroundings: Nature in the morning is a wonderful thing. There aren’t many people, and everything seems calmer and soothing. Including the music of the birds.

3. Perfect lighting: One of the advantages of running in the morning is also perfect lighting. Later on, it might get too dark, and the weather might get too hot.

4. Helps you sleep better: According to research, morning runs help you sleep better. That is to say, when you run in the evening, your body might get an energy boost that will leave you restless and make it more difficult for you to sleep. However, if you run in the morning, that energy boost will fade by the time you go to sleep.

5. Relieves stress: Running is said to be able to relieve stress. So, what’s better than to get your mind off the stressful things in your life early in the morning, and proceed through the day with a more optimistic outlook.

6. Brain boost: Research suggests that exercise tends to raise the mental keenness for up to 10 hours after the workout. That is to say, getting that brain boost early in the morning would be quite more beneficial than in the evening when you plan to go to sleep.

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