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Scarf Styling Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Scarf Styling Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Scarves are a really good accessory to add finesse to elegant looks, be it in your hair, neck, or around shoulders. However, scarf styling ideas don’t end just there! There are plenty of creative ways and ideas you can wear a scarf, even as a dress!

Your scarves don’t have to lay around your room and sit in your drawers anymore. Bring all of them and let’s do some styling. It’s pretty simple, we’re telling you. In some very easy steps, by tying knots you will achieve that beautiful-looking outfit for that special event!

In this scroll, we have collected some DIY scarf styling tutorials which work perfectly for beginners, or even advanced crafters! It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro at DIY crafts, these ideas are easy to perform and will surely upgrade your wardrobe in the process!

1. Head scarf styling

We all know the feeling how sometimes you feel like your hair is gorgeous and you’re ready to walk a runaway, but sometimes you can’t even bother but simply wrap it up and not deal with it at all. For those lazy, dizzy hair days, a head scarf styling idea might come to handy. This one is very similar to a bandanna style. If you have a square scarf, wrap it around your shoulders and tie a knot pulling close to the neck. Next, pull the scarf from the back of the head, all the way up. You just upgraded your outfit in 3 simple steps!

Head scarf styling

2. Scarves styling into dress

For this idea, one-colored scarves, and one full of flowers, are just perfect! Wrap the one-colored scarf around your body from behind and bring the edges to opposite directions tying at the back the the neck! Accessorize it with a belt around the waist area. Next, get the floral scarf, put it around your shoulders and tie the upper edges behind, under the arms, then get the bottom edges and bring to the top part behind the neck. Looking nice is guaranteed!

 Scarves styling into dress

3.  Elegant dress scarf wrapping

Do you have a see through mesh scarf around the house? If yes, it’s time to put it into good use. Grab the scarf, wrap from the front, all the way to the back, bringing the edges at the front and tying a knot! Then, get the edges from the bottom and tuck under the neck area and tie at the back. Pull the sides down the arm area and accessorize it with a black belt around the waist. How do you guys like your new elegant dress?

 Elegant dress scarf wrapping

4. Shoulder scarf wrap

This time we’re using a smaller square shape scarf. Fold in a triangle shape and add an elastic band at one side then turn backwards! Wear it around the shoulders and you’re set for dinner!

Shoulder scarf wrap

5. Mid scarf dress

Just another dress idea using a pinkish scarf. Just like we did with the upper idea, grab a scarf from the front, to the back, tie around the neck area. This time the dress is going to be sleeveless. We’re just grabbing the edges from the bottom, tucking under the neck area. Adding a belt around the waist area at the end. It’s THAT easy!

Mid scarf dress

Scarf styling ideas are everything for when you run out of ideas to use scarves. Watch more in the video above!

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