A Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Eye Shadow Palette Is Happening And We Can’t Hold Out Our Excitement

Shane Dawson is the king of Youtube, let’s get that out of the way. If you haven’t watched his videos yet then you’re missing out. One of his most anticipated and watched series is the one he did with Jeffree Star. Jeffree Star is a famous Youtuber, makeup artist and the founder of Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. The two teamed up for a documentary on Jeffree’s life.

The pair is going to team up again but not for Youtube. Shane and Jeffree are collaborating for an eyeshadow palette!

shane dawson jeffree star eyeshadow palette happening
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The Secret World of Jeffree Star revealed a lot of things we did not know about Jeffree and his controversial past. The documentary was an eye opener for many like how he is so rich he even has a Gucci closet and pretty much everything Jeffree wears is boujee.

We saw a whole different side of Jeffree and not just the makeup artist and troublemaker we’re used to seeing online.


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Jeffree’s income does not come only from his cosmetic line and Youtube videos. In the series, Jeffree told Shane that he invests a lot. He has ten businesses, some of them are property investment, marijuana, and merchandise. Shane made sure to capture everything on his camera and show the audience.

We got to see a tour of his warehouse and offices where he usually spends his days working.

While talking about makeup the two start a discussion about pairing up and releasing an eyeshadow palette. The palette would be based on his famous conspiracy theory videos which if you haven’t watched you need to do that.

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And it seems like Jeffree took that discussion to heart because it’s actually happening. Jeffree is currently on his Can’t Relate Tour with retailer Beauty Bay where he is revealed some of the products releasing soon. The cosmetic line is launching a foundation with 55 shades and a Blood Sugar 2 palette.

Jeffree also confirmed that the Shane Dawson palette is on the way! And this is not all they have in store for us, they also filmed a second series for Youtube.


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Shane is currently uploading videos from his documentary series with Jake Paul titled The Mind of Jake Paul so whenever that series is over, I guess we have more to be excited for, including makeup!


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