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Vaseline Uses – From Makeup And Beauty To Health

Vaseline Uses – From Makeup And Beauty To Health

In order for us to reach that perfect glam we always wanted to have, we go through different procedures and take various measurements. If we want to make our face or our hair look glamorous, there are a plethora of ways to achieve that. The beauty products and the home remedies are some of the methods we opt for so we can add that texture to our skin, or hair. And, thanks to the Internet, we now have a better way to get all the information that we need so our skin looks young and beautiful.

Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind to check the prescription first as people’s skin and hair type varies from one another so it might react differently causing allergies. There are some products made for a specific use, however, their job does not end there. Take, for instance, vaseline.

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The use of vaseline is so broad, starting from the basic use, which is to prevent and soother chapped skin during the winter weather, to the most bizarre use, which is applying vaseline to the inside of lightbulb sockets and glue bottles to prevent sticking. Follow me below to learn about some uses of vaseline. And, be warned as there are so many ways of how to use vaseline. We are covering each aspect of vaseline uses on its own. These aspects are, makeup and beauty, clothing and jewelry, skincare, haircare, cleaning, around the house, pets and animals, and health.

Makeup & Beauty

1. Vaseline will help you add a shiny texture to your matte lipstick. You can do this by simply mixing your favorite matte lipstick with a bit of jelly on your hand. After doing this, you just apply the mixture to your lips using a lip brush.

2. Vaseline will help you keep lipstick off your teeth. All you need to do is apply a thin layer of jelly to your frontmost teeth before you apply lipstick. Stay calm, the lipstick won’t be messing with the jelly. Also, you can wipe it off afterward.

3. Vaseline will help you exfoliate for super soft lips. You can achieve this result by putting a thick layer of jelly on your lips and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, you should gently scrub your lips with a clean toothbrush and rinse it right away.

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4. Vaseline will help you make flavored lip gloss. All you have to do for the procedure is to mix a small portion of Kool-Aid drink powder into your jelly, and, Ta-dah. Guess what? You can also make a chocolate lip gloss using vaseline. All you have to do is melt the choco chip and the jelly in the microwave.

5. Vaseline will help you to promote lash growth. You can follow this handy trick before going to bed by using a clean mascara wand to apply jelly to your lashes. Longer and also thicker eyelashes – is what people claim that vaseline will bring over time.

Clothing And Jewelry

1. Vaseline will help you to unstick a ring when it is stuck in your finger. I am pretty sure that this one has happened to you at least once. All that is required from you to do is apply jelly around the stuck ring by using a cotton swab. After applying the jelly, you should move the ring back and forth until you see it sliding off.

2. Vaseline will help you to give your leather jacket a fresh look. Unless you don’t own a leather jacket, then you have probably noticed how leather jackets have some very dry parts. To get rid of them, you should rub some jelly onto it. After the procedure, you can wipe any excess jelly.

3. Vaseline will help you insert earrings easily. It’s actually so simple to do so. Just apply some jelly onto the back of your earrings and this way it will be way easier to insert it.

4. Vaseline will help shine up shoes or purse. All you have to do is rub a small amount of jelly on the purse or the shoes so they look shiner.


1. Vaseline will help you keep your skin soft. Autumn is now here and our hands get dry very easily from the cold. To make the dry areas soft you can apply some jelly. This is a very good advice for the dry feet, and elbows.

2. Vaseline will help you with the feet odor. “Smelly feet are so much fun,” – said no one ever, really. When you run out of soap or for some reason you have run out of water, then you can get rid of the feet odor by apply jelly onto your feet and toes. After doing so, simply wipe it off by using a dry cloth. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

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3. Vaseline will help you take care of the cuticle. The finger cracks and hangnails are so annoying, truth be told. However, there are ways to get rid of them by rubbing jelly onto the dry cuticles.

4. Vaseline will help you relieve razor burn. Before getting into the shower, you can take a small amount of vaseline and place it in the freezer. Then, when you are done with the shaving, take the vaseline out of the freezer rub it onto your legs. It will leave your skin smooth as well as moisturized.

5. Vaseline will help prevent diaper rash. By applying a thin layer of jelly onto your baby’s rash-prone area right before you put a fresh diaper, your baby will thank you.


1. Vaseline will help you add shine to your hair. Make sure you apply the jelly sparingly to the top layer of your hair so you can add extra shine to it. This method also helps with flyaways and split ends.

2. Vaseline helps guard eyes against shampoo. If you are a new mom an freak out when the shampoo gets into your baby’s eyes, then you can easily stop that from happening. All you are required to do is smear a streak of vaseline on the baby’s eyebrows and the shampoo won’t even get near the eyes.

3. Vaseline will help remove gum from hair. We all have gone at least once in our life through the incident of gum sticking to our hair. Vaseline to the rescue to get rid of it by simply applying some jelly in the area and then sliding it down.

4. Vaseline will help you prevent dye stains. All you need to do is applying a small amount of vaseline around the hairline right before you begin the process of coloring your hair. This way the vaseline will keep away the dye.

5. Vaseline helps soothe an itchy scalp by simply massaging the vaseline on your scalp. This way you will reduce the itching as well as scaling from dandruff.


1. Vaseline will help you hide the scuffs on wood furniture. What’s required from you to do is apply vaseline on the stains, scratches, or scuffs on the wood furniture. You should let the vaseline sit for 24 hours. After that, you simply wipe any excess.

2. Vaseline will help remove gum from wood. Vaseline not only helps to remove gum from hair, but also from wood. You can do this by simply applying vaseline to the gum and start scraping it right after as this way it will be easier to remove the gum.

3. Vaseline will help remove candle wax. You can do this by simply applying the vaseline around the wax and let it sink for some time. After doing so, wipe it away with a cloth.

Around The House

1. Vaseline will help you lubricate drawers, fridge drawers, and windows. All you have to do is apply the vaseline to the sliding drawers and windows by using a paintbrush. This way they will slide smoothly.

2. Vaseline will help you prevent lightbulbs from sticking. Next time before putting one, make sure to apply Vaseline to the threads of the bulb so when you take it off, it will be much easier.

3. Vaseline can help you make it easier for the shower curtains to glide. There are some cases that our shower curtain hooks decide to act up and hung up on the rod. If this happens, simply apply vaseline and then it will glide easily.

4. Vaseline will help you with unlocking a tricky door. All you have to do is apply some vaseline over the key and then it will slide into the lock easily.

5. Vaseline will help you on silencing a squeaky faucet. Start by removing the handles and the stem of the faucet. After this, continue by coating both sides of the threads with vaseline. Finally put it back together, and Ta-dah!

Pets & Animals

1. Vaseline will help you treat cracked paws pads. In case your pet happens to have cracked pads on the paws, then you can use Vaseline to treat them.

2. Vaseline will help you keep ants away from pet food. In case you are facing the struggle of ants near your pet’s food, then put some vaseline around the area where you keep your pet’s food.

3. Vaseline will help you squirrel-proof your bird feeders. So the squirrels slide off the pole, you should put a thin layer of vaseline on the pole that supports the feeder.


1. Vaseline will help you get relief from fever. All you need to do is put the Vaseline in the freezer for like 5 minutes. After that, you should place the amount of the Vaseline on the forehead.

2. Vaseline will help you treat minor wounds. You should simply apply jelly to minor scabs, cuts, and scrapes since by doing so they will heal faster. Thanks to the jelly your skin will stay moisturized and also the dirt will stay away from getting into the wound.

3. Vaseline will help you heal a chapped nose. So you can stop your nose becoming drier or cracking more, you can apply vaseline to the dry and chapped area.

4. Vaseline will help you soothe back pain. To get this benefit all you need to do is heat some vaseline in the microwave and after it becomes warm, massage it onto the back for the soothing pain effect.

5. Vaseline will help you stop blister pain. All you need to do is smear bit of vaseline on the parts of your shoe that is causing blisters. Thanks to this, you will stay comfy in your shoes if you can’t change them until later.

We hope you find useful these vaseline uses and let us know if you have ever tried any of these, or if in the future you are going to use any of the mentioned above. 

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