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Benefits & Side Effects Of Aloe Vera Juice

Benefits & Side Effects Of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is the famous succulent plant that people love and use widely. They do so because the plant has proven to have quite a lot of health benefits. Medicinally, there are two parts of the aloe vera plant one can put to use. The clear gel that is contained in the leaves and is usually used on the skin to treat different skin conditions as well as burns. There is also the second substance produced by the plant, called aloe latex, more specifically, the yellow pulp found under the outer part of the plant leaf.

Aloe vera, also known as the cactus plant, belongs in the Liliaceae family. The ancient Egyptians used to dub it as the ‘plant of immortality’. It’s various health benefits range from treating burns, acne, and helping with blemishes, to reducing dandruff, stimulating hair growth, as well as keeping the hair hydrated and restoring the pH balance of the hair.


But, what is the aloe vera juice?

The aloe vera drink is a thick liquid that’s made from the flesh of the aloe vera plant leaf. Research suggests that drinking this beverage can have a large variety of benefits. The juice is made by crushing or grinding the aloe vera leaf and then purifying and filtering the liquid. This juice mixes into smoothies and shakes quite easily.

It has been concluded that the aloe vera juice can have quite a lot of benefits when it comes to health. However, there have also been reported side effects. In this article, we’re going to list both, the various benefits of aloe vera as well as the side effects. Scroll to learn more.

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The benefits of the aloe vera juice

From offering hydration to having digestive benefits, the overall benefits of aloe vera juice are:

1. Hydration

Taking into consideration that the aloe vera plant contains a lot of water, it means that it’s a good way to treat dehydration. Hydration helps the body detox by providing a way for you to flush the impurities out. Also, according to Healthline, rehydration is also required after a hard workout. Meaning, aloe vera juice can be a good option after a heavy exercise.

2. Helps with digestive disorders

Research shows that the consumption of aloe vera juice can fight a variety of digestive disorders such as poor digestion, acidity, gas, and constipation. Because it contains several enzymes, aloe vera can help in making sure your digestion is running smoothly, by helping in the breakdown of sugars and fats.

3. Improves heart health

Aloe vera’s polyphenols can help in preventing heart disease. Meaning, the consumption of the aloe vera drink can lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, as well as improve blood circulation in the body.

4. Betters liver function

Due to the many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, aloe vera works as an effective detoxifier. However, you should also keep in mind the side effects of aloe vera.

5. Nutritious aid

The plant has a great number of nutrients. It has vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, as well as folic acid. Aloe vera, reportedly, also contains small amounts of calcium, copper, chromium, sodium, selenium, and more. As Healthline suggests, aloe vera is one of the only plant sources of vitamin B-12.

6. Helps in reducing stress

Aloe vera drink has mental benefits as well, apart from the physical benefits. It is an adaptogen, which means that it helps the body adapt to stress. According to My Domain, if you add aloe vera juice into your diet, it can help in balancing your mood and reduce the stress levels.

7. Helps in skin and hair health

Aloe vera juice helps keep the skin smooth and radiant. More specifically, applying it topically can help in various ways, such as with sunburns, small wounds, and it can even be used as a moisturizer.

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When it comes to hair, aloe vera has proven to be quite beneficial in helping with hair growth, dandruff, and other hair health issues. For more on the benefits of aloe vera for hair, head over to our article on The Different Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair Health.

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Keep in mind: Side effects of drinking aloe vera juice

According to research, safety concerns regarding drinking aloe vera juice grew after some findings from a two-year study by the National Toxicology Program were released. In this study, rats were given a whole-leave extract of aloe vera juice, and reportedly, there was ‘clear evidence of carcinogenic activity in male and female rats, based on tumors of the large intestine’. However, one should keep in mind that the study was done in animals and it’s really important to note the type of aloe vera used in the study, because as Shape indicates when manufacturers decolorize aloe vera leaf, the components that give aloe vera the laxative properties, the anthraquinones, are removed. All in all, it’s preferable to be cautious, until further findings or more information on the case.

As researches show, the side effects that are caused by unpurified aloe vera are as a result of anthraquinone, that is considered a laxative. Although it’s an organic compound in the leaf of aloe vera, it’s still considered toxic.

Healthline has listed the things one should search for in the statements list when shopping for aloe vera juice, according to studies. Those are:

Safety tested

See Also

Non-decolorized, unpurified aloe vera juice has reportedly shown to have the following side effects:



Colon adenomas (benign tumors)

Colon cancer after long-term use (rare)

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