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Here’s A List Of 7 Benefits Of Drinking Enough Water During The Day

Here’s A List Of 7 Benefits Of Drinking Enough Water During The Day

Both, me and you know the importance of drinking enough water during the day. Nevertheless, how much do we pay attention to it, and how much water do we drink throughout the day?! That is when one stops and thinks that they’re drinking a little water which is not healthy at all. I mean, it is a well-known fact that 60% of a human’s body consists of water, give or take. We also acknowledge the fact that our body is steadily losing water, whether by sweating or urinating. All in all, one should never take for granted the crucial importance of drinking enough water.

There are some individuals that during the day, all the water they have is a glass of it. That, when drinking coffee or when they are exposed to that one glass of water. Yes, forgetting to drink water is actually a thing, good or bad, it exists. In the days we are living in, life has become so much easier in so many aspects. Take, for instance; there are actually applications you can download in your phone that remind you to drink water with a one-sentence notification. The question is, have we become that lazy that downloading such an application in our phones has become so complicated?

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The apps that I am talking about will make it possible for everyone to set their own daily intake goals, that, in milliliters or ounces, it is up to you. When you run low on drinking water, the app sends you notifications telling you that it cares about your health reminding you to drink water. By using these apps, there’s a bonus you will get everytime you log in, a drink, and, that is, a little celebration.

For all of you who sit in front of a laptop or a personal computer, there’s another simpler solution to this issue. All you need to do is keep a bottle of water in the desk you are working. Having it in front of you for the eight hours of work will help you as you will remember to drink of it. Tip: make sure your colleagues you work with, in the same office keep a bottle of water on their side. Sometimes, you get so lost working, even having it there, won’t ring a bell to drink water. However, seeing your colleague drinking water will remind you too, to have some.

As you can see, this is a win-win situation for you and your colleagues. Since I am here, let me stop and drink some water. It looks like writing about drinking water today, I will increase and go beyond my daily intake.

We hope that by now you are assured that drinking water is of crucial importance. As we are at that stage, together let us go through the benefits of drinking enough water.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water

As mentioned above, a lot of benefits come along with drinking water during the day. Some of those benefits are, drinking water helps with listing weight, with treating kidney stones, with preventing hangovers, with relieving constipation, with the energy level and brain function, with preventing and treating headaches, and, helping to maximize the physical performance – according to Healthline. There are many other benefits. However, these are the most significant ones.

1. Drinking Water Helps With Losing Weight

It is not only a myth; drinking water actually helps one to love weight. The reason why this happens is as water can increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate. According to studies, drinking half a liter which is equal to 17 ounces of water, was shown to increase metabolism by 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours. For you to increase your total energy by up to 96 calories per day, you have to drink 2 liters of water every day.

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Another thing that is important when it comes to drinking water is the timing. This, due to the reason that, drinking water half an hour before meals, is more effective, since, this way you will feel fuller, and this leads to eating fewer calories. According to a study that was done, dieters who had half a liter of water before meals lost 44% more weight and, that was throughout 12 weeks.

Tip: Drinking water while it is cold is better as the body will use additional energy (calories) to heat the water to body temperature.

2. Drinking Water Helps With Treating Kidney Stones

The reason why you might end up having kidney stones is due to insufficient water in your body. However, for people who had kidney stones before, there is limited evidence that proves that the water intake can help prevent the recurrence of kidney stones. This is how the process goes, when you increase the consumption of fluids into your body, this way the volume of urine passing through the kidneys will be increased, now, when this happens, the concentration of the minerals reduces so, the chances the minerals crystallize and then form clumps – are lower.

3. Drinking Water Helps With Preventing Hangovers

If there’s one thing that we can all agree if you are a beer lover, then, the fact that you have to go and pee every two minutes when having beer, is really annoying. Even though, one rarely gets a hangover out of it. However, if you want to prevent hangovers when, take, for instance, you have wine or any other kind of alcohol, then, it is advised to drink water.

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In case you weren’t aware before, alcohol is a diuretic, so it makes one lose more water than you take in, and, this way you end up being dehydrated. So, what it is recommended for you to do is have more water between the drinks and also, make sure to have a big glass of water before you go to bed as it will reduce the symptoms of dehydration.

4. Drinking Water Helps With Reliving Constipation

Most of us have at least once in our lives experienced the worst nightmare there is, constipation. It is characterized by infrequent bowel movements and difficulty passing stool. Some studies show that increasing the water intake for the day, is part of the treatment protocol of constipation.

5. Drinking Water Helps With The Energy Level And Brain Function

The hydration status is of crucial importance when it comes to your brain. It was shown by studies that mild dehydration is prone to mess with the brain functions. Take, for instance, in a study of young women that was done, the fluid loss of 1.36 after exercise, influenced both, mood and concentration. Also, it increased the frequency of headaches. While, in a study similar to this one but in young men, it showed that fluid loss of 1.59% was messing with the memory and also increased the feelings of anxiety and fatigue.

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All in all, many studies prove that starting from children to the elderly, mild dehydration can influence mood, memory, and brain performance.

6. Drinking Water Helps With Preventing And Treating Headaches

Anytime someone around me is complaining of having a headache, my immediate question is, “How much water did you have today?” This, because headaches and migraines are triggered by dehydration in some specific people.

Studies show that water can help relieve headaches when one is dehydrated. Nevertheless, it also depends on the type of the headache. In a study of 18 people it was shown that, even though water did not have any effect on the frequency of headaches, it did, in fact, reduce the intensity and duration somewhat.

7. Drinking Water Helps Maximizing The Physical Performance

Because of the dehydration, physical performance can suffer, especially during intense exercise and high heat. As we mentioned above, a person can lose fluids by sweating, and, for an athlete, it is not uncommon to lose up to 6-10% of their fluids. However, the effect is clear when one loses as little as 2% of your body’s water content.

Because of the lack of water in your body, you can end up with an alteration in temperature control, reduction of motivation, increased fatigue, and doing exercising might be a lot more difficult, both, physically and mentally.

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So, if you exercise intensely and tend to sweat, then staying hydrated can help you perform at your absolute best.
Losing as little as 2% of your body’s water content can significantly impair physical performance.


All in all, the benefits of drinking enough water during the day matter a lot, and, that way you are doing good to your body. Whether drinking plain water or fluids, have in mind that the intake of fluids during the day is essential to your health.


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