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Bleached Damaged Hair: What Is It And How To Take Care Of It

Bleached Damaged Hair: What Is It And How To Take Care Of It

Have you ever heard of the expression “I think I was meant to be blonde?” Well, it’s a phrase many people use, especially ones that have dark hair naturally and want to be blonde. Fortunately, that look can be achieved and many do, including me.

However is it damaging to your hair? Absolutely. But there are treatments for it. You’re supposed to bleach your hair at least every 6 months and that’s stretching it.

And for those who don’t know what bleaching is, it is also known as a lighter and its main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which is usually used with other ingredients to help activate peroxide such as ammonium. All these combined will make your blonde dream days happen. You’re probably saying okay so what does this have to do with damaging my hair, right? It’ll just get lighter, that’s it. Well no, our hair has this pigment called melanin, and the more melanin your hair has, the darker it is. Now when bleach is applied to your hair, that pigment is removed and as a result, you get white hair.

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Still, don’t know what all the fuss is about? Okay, when the hydrogen peroxide meets hair, it loses moisture which makes it drier, weak and prone to breakage. But no worries as your hair will be okay if you have a professional do it for you otherwise it may result into your hair completely falling off.

Bleaching is a good idea, absolutely, but it will need a lot of taking care of. And what is better than taking care of your hair with natural products. No need to go out of your way and break your bank account. Everything you need you already have at home.

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Before we start on hair remedies, I know it’s hard and difficult but it’s for the best if you use your blow drier and straightener less than usually. You’ll damage your hair even more if you put heat on it. Even if you put your anti-hair damaging spray, your hair will still be damaged.

Remember, if you decide to bleach your hair, or maybe you already have, your new best friend is your conditioner. Since your hair will be drier and weaker, it needs all the nourishing, and moisture it can get. In this article, we’ll see treatments you can do at your home, which are easy to do and helpful for your bleached hair.


1. Coconut Oil

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Yes, everything you’ve heard about coconut oil is true (assuming it’s all good things). It is an oil which will moisturize and add strength and vitality to your damaged hair. Massage coconut oil in your hair, not your scalp, and leave it for about three hours. Make sure your hair absorbs it as much as possible. You can always mix your coconut oil with other ingredients. Adding olive oil and almond oil works wonders. Heat the oils together and focus it on the ends of your hair. Wait for 30 minutes then wash it like you normally would.


2. Mayonnaise

Yes, you read that correctly. Listen, mayonnaise contains eggs, oil, and vinegar. All these three ingredients are perfect for your hair, all of them together will nourish your bleached hair. Remember the hair will need all the moisture it can get. You can do this treatment very easily. Apply the mayonnaise to your hair, leave it on for about 30 minutes, then wash it as per usual.


3. Banana

By now you know hair damaged from bleaching needs a lot of moisture. Smash a ripe banana, after that add three spoons of jojoba oil, a spoon of pure honey and three spoons of yogurt.

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Apply it to your hair, wrap it and wait for an hour. Wash your hair like you normally would afterward. Use the mask once a week, it will leave your hair shiny, healthy and moisturized.

These treatments will hopefully help you out and you won’t have damaged hair anymore. However, make sure to always consult with a professional; bleached hair doesn’t necessarily have to be damaged, it just needs taking care of and attendance.


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