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Homemade Face Cleanser Recipes You Can Do On Your Own

Homemade Face Cleanser Recipes You Can Do On Your Own

Cleansing is a skin care procedure that helps in removing excess oil, sweat, makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells. It basically gives your skin a chance to breathe by refreshing the skin. Facial cleansers’ main role is to clean our skin. They come in different forms and whenever you choose one, you should make sure you’re opting for the one that suits your skin type. You can always opt for a homemade face cleanser with all natural products.

According to Garnier, for the right clean, you should have the right facial cleanser for your skin type. When it comes to the consistencies of cleansers, there are ones that are water-like and all the way to the ones that have a dense and creamy texture. One should cleanse twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. While some cleansers require rinsing, others can simply be used with a cotton pad.

Homemade Face Cleansers

While there are cleanser products you can purchase, there is also the opportunity of using a homemade face cleanser, and give your skin the cleaning it deserves. See below for a list of recipes you can put into use!

1. Coconut Oil Homemade Face Cleanser

Coconut oil has the ability to eliminate any shine that appears at the end of the day, without removing the natural oils from your skin. Due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, it works as an effective moisturizer and it’s great for atopic dermatitis, according to sources. In case you have acne-prone skin, makes sure to avoid using coconut oil.

What you should do, as Reader’s Digest reports, is massage a dab of coconut oil gently into your face for about 30 seconds. Apply a warm towel onto your face to open up your pores for about 15 to 30 seconds and then remove the oil by patting with a washcloth.

2. Honey and Lemon Homemade Face Cleanser

What you will need for this recipe is:

2 tsp raw, organic honey

1 tsp fresh lemon juice (organic)

So, mix the honey and the lemon juice in a small bowl and stir. Afterward, wet the skin and apply as much as you would do with any other cleanser. Rub using slow and circular motions and rinse off. This face cleanser work for many skin types, including oily skin, acne-prone, dry and aging skin.

Raw, organic honey, if it’s used on a regular basis, can cure stubborn acne, according to sources. Lemon juice can work as a natural cleanser and toner and due to its acidic properties, it can erase blackheads, dark spots, as well as skin stains.

homemade face cleanser
Photo Credit: onefox / Pixabay

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Homemade Face Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar works well in restoring your skin’s PH levels this way helping in soothing breakouts, preventing clogged pores, and keeping the skin from becoming either too dry or too oily, according to sources.

What you should do is mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water. Shake well, apply to a clean face with a cotton pad. When your skin dries, apply a usual daily moisturizer.

4. Homemade Face Cleanser Balm

What you need for this homemade cleanser balm by Stephanie Gerber from HelloGlow, is:

2 tbsp jojoba oil

1 tsp coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon beeswax

2 teaspoons bentonite clay

6 drops frankincense essential oil

1 tsp baking soda (optional for exfoliating texture)

What you should do is bring 2-inches of water to boil in a small saucepan and then reduce heat to low. Put the beeswax in a heat-proof measuring cup or bowl and then place the dish in the pan so the beeswax can melt. Afterward, put the coconut oil and melt them together. Then, remove from heat and add the jojoba oil and stir. Add the clay, baking soda, and essential oil. Put it in a small container with a lid.

Take a bit of the balm and massage it on the skin, put some water on the fingers and begin massaging again. To remove the oil, use a cleansing cloth.

homemade face cleanser
Photo Credit: monicore / Pixabay

5. Natural Lavender Homemade Face Cleanser

What you need for this DIY face wash by My Cakies, is:

1 tbsp of baking soda

2 tbsp of oatmeal

1 tsp dried lavender

What you should do is mix and ground up all the dry ingredients together. Put a bit of honey in your palm, add some of the dry ingredients (1 tsp) and mix them in your palm. Wash the face with the mixture and warm water.

6. Yogurt Face Cleanser

Yogurt is rich in protein and lactic acid, therefore it makes it a natural face cleanser. If one applies lactic acid regularly, it will encourage the skin to rid of the dead cells through exfoliation. The protein will help in tightening the pores, hydrating the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines.

According to Bustle, what you need to do is massage a thin layer of plain yogurt in your clean face by using your fingertips. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water and a towel.

7. Peppermint and Lemon Face Cleanser

What you’re going to need for this homemade face cleanser is:

1 cup of water

1/2 tablespoon unscented glycerin soap

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops peppermint oil

What you should do it in a saucepan, bring the water to a boil and afterwards remove the pan from the heat. Add glycerin soap and stir until it dissolves. Let the mixture cool down, add the lemon oil, peppermint, and stir until it’s blended well. See the full procedure at

homemade face cleanser
Photo Credit: silviarita / Pixabay

8. Green Tea and Honey Face Wash

What you’re going to need for this face wash from is:

3 tbsp of honey

3 tbsp of avocado oil

2 tbsp of soapwort extract

1/2 tsp matcha green tea powder

5-10 drops of essential oils

What you should do is mix all the ingredients together and transfer the mixture into an airtight bottle.

To apply, wet your skin, apply the face wash with clean hands by rubbing in circular motions. Afterward, wash off with warm water.

Do not forget, cleansing your face is an extremely important part of the skincare routine. You really want to make sure you remove the excess oil, sweat, and dirt from your skin.


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