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Homemade Lipstick – How To Make It Using All Natural Ingredients

Homemade Lipstick – How To Make It Using All Natural Ingredients

homemade lipstick

Homemade lipstick is not as difficult to make as one would think. There are so many lipsticks out there you can get any color you want in a span of seconds. Just hop online and you can get it immediately. But the downside of good lipsticks is that they cost. Yes, makeup is really expensive and while there are affordable products out there you do want what’s best for you. And the way you can get it is by making it yourself. You spend way less money and in the end, you can create the shade you want. You can use homemade ingredients to grow your eyebrows fast, have a glowing skin using scrubs and many more.

On top of everything, you can achieve all of this with natural ingredients. Just like wellnessmama suggests there’s no need for all the chemicals that go in lipsticks. What better than homemade stuff, right?

This is what you can do to make your own desired lipstick. Homemade lipstick does require time and effort to make, however, once you get the idea of it and put it to practice, you are good to go. The natural homemade lipsticks can get as pigmented as you want it to be,  it will save you some money, and you can easily learn how to make different shades of colors, that suit you the best.

homemade lipstick
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Depending on what kind of color are you opting for, or maybe you just want a simple lip balm, these ingredients are all natural ones.

This is the ingredients you will need:

  • Beeswax
  • Shea butter or cocoa butter
  • Coconut oil

These are all natural ingredients which you can use without adding any color in it.

How To Do It

  • Take a teaspoon of each one of the ingredients above and place it in a bowl.
  • Take that bowl, put it on the top water simmering pot, and wait until all the ingredients melt.
  • You can stir and blend them until they are incorporated and all melted down.

When it’s all done, remove the bowl from the heat. And that it is. Put it in a container of your own choice and let it cool down. You can use it a balm. The lipstick though without any added color it is moisturizing and nourishing for the lips.

Options For Colored Homemade Lipstick

You may be wondering what can I use if this is an all natural homemade recipe? What can I use instead of other chemicals? Well, this part is really interesting and exciting to do. You see there are a lot of things you can use. And those things might even be in your fridge right now.

Red Color

You will be able to achieve the red colored lipstick with beetroot. Get yourself beetroot powder and add it to the mixed ingredients mentioned above and you will be left with red homemade lipstick. If you want a more pigmented red lipstick then you can add red food coloring which has no chemical additives added to it.

homemade lipstick
Source: Pixabay

Brown Color

If you are in favor of neutral tones and like wearing nude lipstick, ones that compliment your lip color then here is what you can use. Organic cocoa powder to get that brown tone color. You can also add cinnamon powder or turmeric to get the exact shade you want.

homemade lipstick
Source: Pixabay

In case you are a fan of matte lipsticks and want to make one of those, there is a natural solution to it too!

Matte Colors

For all of those who want their lipstick to be matte. Here you can use a natural bentonite powder. Yes, it is safe, it will matiffy the ingredients when you mix it in.


Of course, some people want their lipstick to have a fragrance. Adding essential oils can give the lipstick scents, this matters if you are one of those people that like scents. Peppermint, lavender, vanilla essential oils – you can take or pick whichever you like. If you want you can skip this step altogether.


Now, all that is left for you is to get all the needed ingredients and make your own homemade lipstick. When you pick what you want, which colors, and what scent. Or you can just keep it simple and leave it as a balm. It’s your choice. Super easy to make.


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