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How To Apply Eyeliner Based On Your Eye Shape

How To Apply Eyeliner Based On Your Eye Shape

I am a huge makeup geek, I love everything about makeup, the products, the process, the different techniques you can opt for. It is a lot of fun. I especially love the days where I have all the time in the world and I just sit in front of my vanity and relax while doing my makeup.

My favorite part about the whole process is putting my eyeliner on. After years and years of practice, I like to believe I am getting better at it, and especially the fact that I rarely leave the house without eyeliner on. However, was it a struggle? Yes, it was. I can’t seem to look back at old photos without cringing at the methods I used, not to say that it was bad it just didn’t complement my eye shape, which is completely fine. But during the journey of my makeup life, I have come to the conclusion that if you like how your makeup looks, then you shouldn’t worry about anything else. Nonetheless, it is important to know your eye shape and based on that how to apply eyeliner. According to makeup artist and stylist Katie, different eye shapes need attention in individual places.

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So it is important to know where you should focus more. And if you feel like your eyeliner skills and the techniques you use still need a little help or advice then just keep on reading.


1. Almond Eyes

Applying eyeliner for almond-shaped eyes is rather easy. recommendation is drawing a thin line close to your lashes and while going outwards to the outer corner making your eyeliner thicker, now you can flick a wing and make it as long as you want, that’s really up to you.

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2. Hooded Eyes

Having hooded eyes can be a little difficult if you are a fan of applying your eyeliner thin. To make it pop, all you have to do is apply a thick application and a wing, extend it to the point you desire. This will give more definition to your eye shape. If you want a more intense eye look, then you can always add a little bit of a shimmer in your inner corners.

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3. Round Eyes

For round eyes, Andrea Mendoza, a makeup artist suggests to “elongate your eyes, you want to create a triangle shape”, this will make you achieve the cat eye look most of us want.


4. Monolid Eyes

Okay, monolid eyes are so sexy! With this out of the way, the suggestions many give when it comes to eyeliner on monolid eyes – is creating a thin or thick eyeliner with a wing. This eye shape holds a wing like any other, it will enhance the shape, make it more defined. Of course, for a more intense eye look, you can always pop on some highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and you’re good to go!


5. Wide-Set Eyes

For wide-set eyes try to define your inner corners more and while applying the eyeliner, keep the same line thickness from your inner corner to your outer corner and wing out your liner in the same thickness. However, it is suggested not to create a long liner but just a flick. Smoke out the lower lash line and you’re done!


6. Close-Set Eyes

One of the best techniques for close-set eyes is for the wing to be sharp, long and ready to cut! Using a shimmer shadow in your inner corners will just open up your eyes and look absolutely amazing.


7. Large Eyes

Before talking about eyeliner, smokey eye look on large eyes is a must and you should try it. Now when it comes to eyeliner, line your lash line and flick that wing about a centimeter and you’re good to go. Large eyes are stunning and all you really need to do it just make them longer.


8. Elongated Eyes

Elongated eyes are very sexy and while applying eyeliner, be careful not to make them look narrow. Outline the lash line and when you do the wing don’t forget to thicken it a little bit and you’re all set.


Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and if you have been applying your eyeliner in a specific way that suits you and you feel comfortable in it then rock it! But if you are in doubt and want to see what you can do to improve your liner skills then I hope this helped. Of course, there are about hundreds of different eyeliner products you can use when you do this, and it’s all up to you, whether you want liquid eyeliner, gel liner, or a pencil.

But that’s a whole other discussion. While you’re here you might also want to read: Here’s How And Where You Should Put Highlighter On

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