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Mistakes To Avoid When You Apply Eyeliner In Your Lower Lid

Mistakes To Avoid When You Apply Eyeliner In Your Lower Lid

We have all at some point in our teen years done black liner in our lower lash line, don’t try and deny it, it was a dark period for all of us. Just thinking back or looking at pictures is hard to do without cringing. But that was a different era, a different time and we did not know how to do it correctly and what to avoid doing. Nowadays blending is a lifesaver, the more you blend, the better… right?

Making mistakes while doing your makeup is very common, well if you would like to call them mistakes, it’s more of what is unflattering and makes your eyes seem smaller than they are.

How to apply eyeliner in your lower lid
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Some of the mistakes people make while doing a smokey eye and lining your waterline and lower lash line are very common, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a professional trust me.

1. Primer

You are not paying too much attention to priming, listen to me, it will change your life. You can use concealer or an actual primer and apply it all over your eyelid. Conceal your under eyes too. This will prevent smudging; it will make the eyeshadow or liner pop more. Don’t forget to set it with a loose powder or eyeshadow.

2. Blend

I mentioned it before, and I will mention it again, blending is your best friend. When you apply a black eyeliner in your lower lid, try to build up the color. Go first with a lighter shade and slowly darken it to your desired shade. However, don’t over blend because you don’t want a greyish color in your under eyes, after all, we all try to avoid that at all costs.

3. Pencils

When we think of eyeliner in the waterline, we think of pencils. The thing about pencils is that they’re going to smudge and be washed away by tears. And no, not actual crying, however, our eyes naturally produce tears that will wash away the intensity of the color.

Tip – Don’t forget to constantly sharpen your pencils. According to Makeupandbeauty the tip of your eye pencil contains fungus and bacteria, so the more you sharpen it the far away from infections you are. Plus sharpening regularly will give you better product quality.

How to apply eyeliner in your lower lid
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4. Inner corner

I cannot stress this enough, don’t put black eyeliner in your inner corners, it will make your eyes look smaller and closed. And that’s something you don’t want. Your inner corners are for a highlighter, a bright shimmer eyeshadow. These will open up your eyes, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

5. Colors

Don’t be afraid of colors, your lower lid, and waterline. Black is not only color, experiment. A nude or white pencil liner is perfect in your waterline. Or maybe try baby blue, green it’s up to you!

And that’s it we’ve come to the end, applying eyeliner on your lower lid doesn’t seem that difficult anymore right? And while you’re here, do you have the cat eye look mastered? If you haven’t then check out how to apply liquid eyeliner, in just a few easy short steps: Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly With These Easy Steps

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