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Nail Biting Polish: Rid Of The Nail Biting Habit Through Different ‘No Bite’ Nail Polishes

Nail Biting Polish: Rid Of The Nail Biting Habit Through Different ‘No Bite’ Nail Polishes

Nail biting has been a common occurrence among people ever since the beginning of time. The habit is also known as onychophagia and it’s the process of biting your nails and this way causing damage to the fingertips and the tissue surrounding them. Although the main, primary, concern of nail-biters is cosmetic, there can be plenty of other damages that can come in the aftermath of nail-biting.

As research suggests, nail biting can be a temporary nondestructive behavior, but with time it might develop into a severe, long-term problem. According to Healthline, the habit of nail-biting doesn’t usually begin before the age of 4, and in many cases, it has begun between the ages of 4 and 6. To many people, it continues into adulthood as well.

Among the symptoms of nail-biting is the damage caused in the fingernails. It so happens that in some cases, nail-biting might even happen at the same time as other body-focused repetitive behaviors such as hair-pulling or skin picking, but that’s not always the case. According to Psychology Today, people who bite their nails, report to having feelings of anxiety and distress before biting their nails, and then feelings of relief after doing so. It’s essential to remember, however, that biting your nails not only causes damage to the fingernails, tissue, or cuticles, but it might also cause infections.

Some of the causes of nail-biting include, preoccupation, boredom, anxiety, and stress, since according to research the need to bite nails is related to the psycho-emotional state of anxiety. It might even be a learned behavior from the members of the family. One of the things that might be causing nail-biting is also perfectionism, taking into consideration that this action has been reported to soften the boredom or irritation. Last but not least would be genetics. Meaning, some people might have an inherited tendency to develop this habit.

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How to stop nail biting: Nail biting polish

Among all the other self-control ways people decide to try in order to stop nail biting, many people have found the no nail-biting polishes to be quite successful in making them break the habit.

One thing you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing a nail-biting polish you would want to work for you is the taste. It should and must taste really bad. Nail biting polishes that prevent you from biting your nails do so through their bitter or spicy taste. They are made to have a horrible taste so that when your fingers go a bit too close to your mouth, you immediately put them away.

Some nail biting polishes that have good reviews would be:

1. Mavala Stop

According to the product description on Amazon, this product has a bitter yet a harmless taste. When you apply it, it has the appearance of a clear coating and it helps break the nail biting or thumb sucking habit. This polish keeps the nails healthy and many people have reported for it to have worked perfectly.

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2. Barielle No Bite Pro Growth

This product is also quite effective when it comes to preventing you from biting your nails. It doesn’t have an odor, it’s clear, and it has the bitter taste needed to help you in stopping nail biting. According to the product description, it is filled with active pro-growth ingredients that help make your nails healthy as well as strong.

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3. Probelle Anti-Bite

This is also one of the polishes that help to prevent nail biting. Unlike the two aforementioned ones, this product provides a natural matte finishing. It encourages nail growth and you should make sure to apply every 2 to 3 days for good results.

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4. Onyx Professional

This product is said to be helpful in stopping the nail-biting habit while at the same time having ingredients that strengthen the nails and stimulate nail growth. It’s easy to apply and it can be used as a top or base coat.

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Apart from using nail polishes, there are also other methods you can use to stop the habit of nail-biting. First and foremost, you should make sure you are committed as well as patient. Patience is one of the key components if you want this whole thing to work. Other methods vary from identifying your triggers, in order for you to find other ways to cope with them, doing manicures, and trying to replace the bad habit with other habits that do you no harm, such as writing, reading, or using a stress ball when you’re anxious or bored.

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