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This Is How 12+ Scene Kids Of Our Youth Look Like Now

This Is How 12+ Scene Kids Of Our Youth Look Like Now

During the late 2000s and early-mid 2010s, there was this subculture called ‘Scene subculture’ whose members were called scene kids, scene people, or scenesters. Even though these people have been often stereotyped as ’emo’ as their style seems similar, scene kids seem to be quite different from emo kids. Scene kids are generally considered as happy, friendly, happy-go-lucky, carefree, confident, childish, and fun-loving.

Scene people are also known for their fashion style which includes of skinny jeans they wear, bright colors they choose, and straight, flat hair with long bangs covering the forehead, dyed in bright colors, like pink, blonde, green, blue, red, etc. As for their music taste, scene people mostly listen to crunkcore and electropop artists such as Blood on the Dance Floor and deathcore, electronicore and metalcore bands such as Asking Alexandria and Bring Me the Horizon. Same as their music, their vocabulary was also rad and full of old slang words.

But, what if we compare the looks of these scene kids through ‘before and after’ pictures? Join us in taking a walk down memory lane:


1. Kiki Kannibal aka Kirsten Ostrenga

Instagram / Instagram


2. Zui Suicide / Instagram: Lauren Willoughby 


3. Jac Vanek

Instagram: jacvanek

4. Airica Macabre


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Instagram: @airica


5. Hilary Haywire

Scene kids looks


6. Victoria Murder

Scene kids looks


7. Cameron Ugh aka Cameron Clayton aka Farrah Moan

Scene kids looks
Facebook: permalink.php / Facebook: permalink.php


8. The Millionaires

Scene kids looks
Decaydance Records / Facebook: millionaires Decaydance RecordsFacebook: millionaires


9. Amor Hilton aka Amoraí Nicolè

Scene kids looks
Amorai Nicolé


10. JJ Demon aka John Shinners

Scene kids looks /


11. Izzy Hilton aka Luna Lovebad

Scene kids looks / Facebook: thelunalovebadofficial


12. Dani Gore aka Dani Artaud

Scene kids looks / Facebook: DaniArtaudMusic


13. Vanna Venom

Scene kids looks
Instagram: Vanna Venom


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