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4 Types Of Female Buttocks And Specific Exercises For Each Of Them

4 Types Of Female Buttocks And Specific Exercises For Each Of Them

Something that we are used to discussing is our body’s shape. Whether it is an hourglass shape, pear, apple… and all in between. But something that is a little bit more of a taboo is buttocks shapes. I mean, maybe you haven’t put much thought into it but you might have noticed how not all butts are shaped in the same way. And this takes us to the fact that not all buttocks should be trained in the same way, since they are not built as such.

So, today I want to talk about the different types of female buttocks, what they may mean, and elaborate on which exercises prove most effective for each of them.


1. Square Shape

Having a square-shaped butt means that the fat is distributed around the upper part of glutes, and the bottom part is heavier. This means that you should work on strengthening your glutes and here is one of the best ways of how to do it:

Leg raises

Lie on your right side and put both of your legs in a straight line. Lift your left leg as high as you can, all the while keeping your toes fixed. Do 10 of these leg raises before switching to the other side.




For this one, you can either use a high platform or simply steps can do. However, make sure that the platform and the steps are high enough to keep your leg bent at 90 degrees. Place your right foot on the platform or on the step and, pressing into the heel, lift up and touch the platform with the toes of the right foot.


Jumping squats

Well, these exercises are quite similar to normal squats except that they have a little twist. When you come up from the squat, try jumping as up as you can before going down again.


2. Round Shape

Fun fact: women who have a round-shaped butt have an easier time when it comes to giving birth. For advice on how to tone your round-shaped derriere, scroll down.


Sumo squats

This one might be a little difficult until you get the hang of it, and then it is really easy peasy. Spread your legs and put your toes at a 45-degree angle. And then squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor.




Lay down on your back and place your feet waist-width apart. Then, raise your hips up and stay in that position for 1 minute. The beginning can be difficult so you can start small and add seconds each day.



Bulgarian split squat

Take two dumbbells of the weight you think you can take. Then, move one leg backward and place it on a prop. Put your weight on your other leg and squat down and then go right back up. Do 15 for each leg.



3. Heart Shape

If you have a heart-shaped bum, then it is quite important that you consistently work out. The glutes tend to get sagging with the passage of time.


Dumbbell side bend 

Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. Take on two dumbbells that weigh around five to ten pounds. Then, start bending left and right. Make sure to raise your opposite arm up e.g if you are bending right, raise your left arm up to form a straight line with your other arm.




Put your hands together in front of you bent at the elbow. Then, lunge forward and then jump up and switch legs.



Mountain climbers

Get yourself in a plank position and then pretend to be walking, or climbing. Or, you can just raise your legs up to your chest and then put it back in the initial position as you switch quickly to the other leg.



4. V-shape

As years pass, the level of estrogen in your body decreases and it is the one hormone responsible for your V-shaped bum. Here is how to build it right back up.


Deep squats

Put your legs a little wider than hip-width. And then, lower back as if you are about to sit down on a chair. Make sure to keep your knees and back straight.



Lunges on the move

Take wide steps and lower yourself down as far as possible. Then, get right back up and take your other step. Make sure to have a big room where you can do this, or you can simply step outside.



Pop squats

Put yourself in a position with your legs shoulder-length apart. Then, jump up. When you go down, try reaching the floor with one hand while the other one goes up.

types of female buttocks specific exercises


However, bear in mind that exercising shouldn’t be done just to improve your physique. They help maintain a healthy mind and lifestyle.


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