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Sugar Homemade Wax – What It Is And Its Benefits

Sugar Homemade Wax – What It Is And Its Benefits

Have you ever had somebody do something for you for a long period of time and at some point, you realized you could have done it yourself? All along. What you need is probably on your kitchen counter and you don’t even know what use you could make of it. All those natural, organic products you have at home can be turned into your homemade healthy recipes. Whether it is about hair growth or skin care.

Take for example removing hair. We are removing that unwanted hair using products that consist of chemicals which we don’t recognize. Different people use different techniques and methods. Some like plucking with tweezers, others prefer threading, then there’s a number of people who do laser to remove hair. The rest go for waxing.

Waxing is the process of hair removal. Normally after you wax, the hair won’t grow for at least five to six weeks. It is known for being a painful experience but also effective. If you are a beginner and go to a professional to make a wax appointment, you don’t really know what you’re getting into. Which is why it’s advisable to do research on the place where you want to get the job done. However, are the products that they use safe? The wax that is usually used in salons has chemicals in it which might be a little bit unusual. And who knows what the after effects of it can be, right?

Which is where homemade wax comes in.

For the people who are lazy or don’t feel comfortable to go to the salon, or want to try waxing at home, this is a perfect choice. Why? Well, homemade wax has many benefits. In this article, we’ll break it down to a few of the advantages it has. I mean, on top of it all it’s natural. The ingredients are mainly sugar, water, and other added constituents. Which are good enough to eat! Let’s scroll through eights of the benefits homemade wax recipes have, if you want to go all natural.

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1. Healthy

Homemade wax consists of all natural, healthy products. Depends on what recipe you’re using but they’re mainly sugar, water, lemon, honey. And most interestingly, it’s edible. And if it’s good enough to eat then it sounds pretty safe for me.

2. Convenience

Getting out of the house to go to work is already hard as it is. Having to run errands is up the charts too. Now, having to get out of the house to go to a beauty salon for waxing seems inconvenient (for some it might). For those of you that don’t want to get out of the comfort of your home and need a solution. Homemade wax is incredibly helpful. All you need is to get the ingredients and tools required.

3. Pain

The fact that waxing is painful is known to everyone. It depends on the level of pain you’re willing to endure and how high your tolerance is. But, to some people, pain is just one of the reasons why they don’t do waxing. With homemade wax, sugar is the main ingredient, you are bound to experience less pain. The homemade wax with pull only the hair out and not your skin.

4. Beauty Benefit

Developing a skin rash or infection after waxing can happen. However, if you use a homemade recipe you won’t have these problems. Sugar based or honey-based wax will smooth the skin and soothe it.

5. Moisturizing

After you’re done waxing you always want the skin to be smooth and moisturized. Keep in mind that the components can be used in your skin care too.

6. No Burning

A lot of people out there have been burned by wax. Needless to say, this comes if the esthetician is not careful enough and does not test it first. With waxing made out of sugar, you won’t be experiencing it. The sugar wax needs to cool down until it warms to body temperature.

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7. Easy To Clean Up Afterwards

Usually, after a waxing appointment, your skin will feel sticky. That’s because of the leftover from the wax. However, with the sugar, it is so much easier to clean up. Even if you are not able to clean it immediately, sugar will dissolve after being in contact with water. This is one the most important benefits the homemade wax has.

8. Reduces Hair Growth

In the end, waxing is beneficial because it causes hair to permanently stop growing. Don’t shave in between waxing. In just three to four times after you wax, you will see the results.

And there you have it, whether you want someone to do it for you, or do it yourself. Homemade natural recipes are always going to be better than any chemical ones you are probably already using.

Do you wax? Or use any other methods? We would love to know in the comments!


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