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This Big Sister Made $6000 Shoes At Home For As Little As $40


If there ever was a ceremony to hand out the “World’s Greatest Sister” award, this Reddit user might just be nominated and win that very award. Your sister may be cool, but she will never be make-shoes-look-like-$6000-ones-for-just-$40 cool. Just kidding, not trying to say that your sister is bad or anything, but come on, wouldn’t you love it if you saw an expensive pair of shoes, and then come back home to find that your sister made 99% identical ones with craft items for 150 times less?

So, what am I talking about?
I am talking about Reddit user ethical_rhyme. 

After her younger sister voiced her wish of a pair of glittery Louboutins that cost exactly $5995 a pair, she decided to make a pair herself that are 99% identical and yet cost 150 times less than the real deal. And here’s how she did it:

This Big Sister Made $6000 Shoes At Home For A Much Smaller $40 1

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She explains on Reddit, “My sister expressed an interest in the designer shoes, and no one that I know would ever consider shelling out that kind of money for a pair of shoes, so I did the best I could with what I had to work with.”

The first thing she did was pick up this pair of pumps:

They had a snakeskin pattern on them, which wasn’t ideal, but since it would all be covered up, it wasn’t so bad. And anyway, the size and shape of these particular shoes was absolutely right, and they cost just $25!

This Big Sister Made $6000 Shoes At Home For A Much Smaller $40 2

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She then grabbed a few basic crafting supplies

“I used regular old acrylic paint in blue for the outside and red for the soles, about 6,000 royal blue rhinestones from Amazon, and E-6000 glue.” said the unnamed big sister in the comments section on her Reddit post.

That’s a lot of rhinestones, big sister!


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The total cost of the shoes after factoring in the pair and the supplies needed to make them look designer was $40. That’s $25 for the pumps and $15 for the crafting supplies.

As I said before, this is just a 150th of the price of the real deal.


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She painted over the snakeskin with blue acrylic paint, and then she painted the bottom parts with red paint.

“I used a few layers of red acrylic paint and one or two layers of polyurethane to make them shiny :)” she said in the comments section


After the paint was applied, it was onto applying the rhinestones. She painstakingly applied each one of these one-by-one, and as a result, the entire shoe makeover took two months.


Source:Imgur / ethacher

This is eventually what happened after two months of hard work and a ton of rhinestones:


Source:Imgur / ethacher

Reddit users were… impressed to say the least.
“you are the best a sister could ask for” one user commented.

“You make the Chinese proud” a person with a high-end sense of humor commented.

“Looks better than the original, OP. Nice job!” another user commented.

These were standout nice comments among all the other criticisms that the price is wrongly estimated and explaining why the shoes cost so much, but I digress.

Best. Big. Sister. Ever.


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