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Here’s What The Size Of Your Pinkie Says About Your Personality


Body postures, gestures, and routines can say a lot about your personalities and preferences, and people can easily judge you based on the position you sleep in or your handwriting. However, people might also get an insight about your truest self from some traits that you were born with. We are actually talking about the size of your pinkie.

The ancient art of palmistry is a technique used by fortune tellers to get a glimpse into someone’s personality or future. They would do this by looking at the lines on their hands and shape of their hands.

Palmists have explained that one way to really read someone is by observing the size of their pinkie. Apparently, the size of your little finger dictates one of three personalities. It’s time to take a good look at your hand and observe how your pinkie falls in relation to the top line on your ring finger. Does it fall above this line, on it, or below it? Here are the personality and their traits!

1. Type A – on the line



If your pinkie falls right on the top line of your ring finger, this is what it could say about your personality:
– You keep your feelings for yourself and you aren’t very open with all the people. If you feel connected with someone, you are deeply emotional, though. Only with the ones you trust!
– Sometimes, you are a bit arrogant.
– In your life, there is no forgiving for hypocrisy and dishonesty, as it is all against your beliefs.
– You like to present yourself as more independent and tough than you actually are deep down.
– Eccentricity is your other name.
– Your heart is big and you love to help others.
– You are a diligent worker; you’re very driven and will complete any task you’re given.
– Hiding your feelings is so hard, as you are extremely expensive.

2. Type B – below the line



If your pinkie falls below the top line of your ring finger, this is what your personality is like:
– You’re shy and reserved, so you don’t like to be the first one to approach someone.
– In relationships, you are very loyal and devoted, so your partner gets a lot of attention from you.
– You are an extremely sensitive soul.
– People always tell you their secrets first, as you are good at keeping them.
– Often times, people think you’re a little aloof. Actually, you are just trying to protect someone’s feelings.
– If you want to achieve something, you never give up until you see it through.
– You’re afraid of getting hurt.
– You seem like you don’t need anyone, but you secretly dream of finding your soulmate.
– In the middle of chaos, you are the calmest one

3. Type C – above the line



If your pinkie falls above the top line of your ring finger, this is what it could say about your personality:
– You rarely get upset and don’t hold a grudge.
– Surprises are not for you, as you don’t like the unknown.
– People would describe you as open-minded and very respectful of other’s opinions.
– You can be a little bossy during arguments. However, you always apologize in the end.
– You don’t like to share your feelings.
– Honesty is your other name.


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