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Rihanna Looks Stunning In Her Crop Over Festival Attire


The season of the Crop Over Festival in Barbados is here, and singer Rihanna took part in the festival to remind us that thick thighs save lives, as she also happens to be a native of the island.

Curvy women are getting more and more accepted in today’s society, but if the 29-year-old singer isn’t enough motivation for you to not be ashamed of your body anymore, I don’t know who or what will!

Here’s a photo comparing her look from 2015 and now (2017).


The festival Aficionado slew in this bold, bedazzled thong two-piece swimsuit. From the hair, to the feathers, to the metal pieces, to just how well everything is executed, it’s hard to put a finger on it, but she’s just so amazing.

And it turns out we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of this look. The “Work” singer’s ex, Chris Brown, left a comment to let her know all eyes were on her.


In the past, she received a little bit of negativity regarding her apparent weight gain, but if anything, she looks a lot better now, and what matters the most is that she’s not bothered by the haters and looks happy and healthy. Her new curves are absolutely gorgeous and they encourage a lot of body positivity and shows that all women should love their bodies regardless of what they’re like.


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