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DIY Christmas Trees Made Out Of Cardboard

christmas tree

The debate about the environmental advantages and disadvantages of using natural and artificial Christmas trees has been going on for ages.

Some people oppose the use of natural trees and campaign the use of artificial ones. The other camp believes artificial trees are much more harmful because of PVC’s long period of decomposition. Some people only take the aesthetic aspect in consideration, simply choosing on the basis of which type of tree they find more visually attractive.


There are people who think the artificial ones don’t look ‘warm’ enough. Some don’t like to clean up the needles of the regular Christmas ones.

Have you been listening to such debates for years now and you are fed up with them? Or maybe you just want to try something new and different this year? We have the perfect video for you.

Cardboard Christmas Trees!

Check out this idea from PSYmedia and decorate your home with numerous cute little Christmas decorations made out of cardboard. It’s easy, it’s cheap, you can re-use old materials and you won’t have to go through the post-Christmas blues. You know, the taking down of decorations once the holidays are over.


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