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Beeswax Uses And The Ways You Can Benefit From It

Beeswax Uses And The Ways You Can Benefit From It

beeswax uses

Bees are awesome. Let’s start off with that. While we mostly think of honey when bees are mentioned, their next most famous product is their wax. Probably one of the most used and useful item in the homes of many. Beeswax uses are endless and that’s what today’s article will be about. Beeswax is used at home, for your body, skin care and many other parts in your life.  Used in cosmetic products as well but we will get to that part later on.

Beeswax is practically the home of the honey bees. According to WebMD, they create the structure of their hive with the wax. They release the wax from their special glands, after that, they chew it up and use that hexagon shaped honeycomb. Have you ever seen a hexagon? It’s complicated just by looking at it let alone do it, however, bees do it with such precision, it is something to be in awe of.

While we can sit here and talk for hours and hours how amazing bees are and how grateful we should be of them ( yes, we can talk for hours), let’s see some of the beeswaxes uses we can find in our everyday life.

beeswax uses
Source: Pixabay

Beeswax Uses

Beeswax is a natural ingredient used in many areas. Homemade remedies, cosmetics, natural candles, and many others.

1. Beauty

Did you know that you can make your own lipstick at home and choose the color you want and all of that? And one of the ingredients is beeswax. Despite this, beeswax uses in the beauty department doesn’t stop here. You can make your own natural moisturizer at home, melt together shea butter, beeswax, or cocoa butter and your favorite oil as a base, mix and match as you see fit and you are going to be left with a natural moisturizer.

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2. Polish For The Furniture

This one you might already be using but if you are not, beeswax is perfect to make wood polish. It’s a traditional way and also a natural way instead of using chemical based polishes. If the wood is dirty and it needs polishing, then the beeswax will give it a nice, shiny finish. To make it at home all you need is a block of beeswax, essentially you can add coconut oil in it and melt and mix it together. You can use it on your wood furniture.

3. Homemade Crayons

beeswax uses
Source: Pixabay

You will have your kids painting and drawing like there is no tomorrow. And what is better than using all natural based products so your kids can draw their life away (or at least until they grow up.) You make colorful crayons by using beeswax blocks, a tin or a mold for the crayons. Melt the wax and use drops food coloring. You can use as much as you want until you get the pigment you are trying to achieve. Mix it together. Make sure to grease the molds so they won’t stick to it. Fill the molds in and leave them to cool down. And you are done.

4. Food Wraps

Throw away the plastic wraps you use when want to keep food fresh in the fridge. Food wraps made out of beeswax are eco-friendly, natural, and super easy to use. This is what you need to do. Get fabric and melt beeswax and any essential oil e.g jojoba oil. Spread out the fabric and dip it in the melted waxing mixture. The entire fabric needs to be coated. Let it cool down. You can use it to wrap anything, just make sure not to use it on hot pans. Clean it with cool water and let it air dry. The cool thing about these food wraps is that they are reusable and natural.

5. Beeswax Candle

beeswax uses
Source: Pixabay

This is the perfect gift. You can not go wrong with it.  It is thoughtful, smells amazing, you can make it on your own, the ingredients are all natural and you need very few other items. You can always skip the essential oils if you are not a fan of scented candles, however, if you want to know how to do it here, is how you can make beeswax candles. You can make them in mason jars. The recipe is very easy to follow. You need:

  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut or olive oil
  • Essential oils for scents (optional)

Melt the ingredients together and stir occasionally. You can always use molds in case you don’t want to use a mason jar. After you have poured the mixture into the mold or jar let them cool down and you can use them later on. If they are a gift, wrapped them up in wrapping paper and you are done.

There are so many other beeswax uses, what do you use beeswax for? Let us know in the comments down below.


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