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Vaseline Uses On Hair And Everything You Need To Know About It

Vaseline Uses On Hair And Everything You Need To Know About It

In order for us to add that extra glam to our hair, we take all the measurements possible. From time to time we opt for the hair products or the hair masks, while some other time we go for the home remedies that are thought to do magic to our hair. And, truth be told, most of the time they work the best. While, on the other hand, there is Vaseline and so many people swear by the effect of it.

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Vaseline is known as petroleum jelly and is mostly used in beauty routines, home remedies as well as in a variety of household projects. There are people out there with a number of misconceptions when it comes to the use of Vaseline. However, what matters the most is that you learn when the use of Vaseline is appropriate and when it is not. This way, you will ensure you get the benefits you were aiming for and no drawbacks.

Vaseline was initially used as a treatment to protect cuts and burns, and later on, it was also used as a household lubricant. If you want to have shiny and damage free hair with little cost, then below we will list some Vaseline uses on hair.

1. Eye Lashes

If you are dying for some volume, thickness, and strength on your eyelashes, then you can easily achieve this by using Vaseline.

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2. Hair Dye

Now, from time to time we all dye our hair at home and being unprofessional, most of the cases we end up with smeared dye all over our forehead. To prevent this from happening, you can simply dab a thin layer of Vaseline in the desired area. This way, you will save yourself from getting rid of it afterward.

3. Reduces Scalp Itching

Due to dry scalp, you might experience itching. The perfect solution to treat the dry scalp is by using Vaseline. All you need to do is massage your scalp with a small amount of Vaseline. This way not only you will moisturize the scalp, but your roots as well.

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4. Split Ends

Rubbing some Vaseline on your hair lengths or ends can diminish the look of existing split hair. It will also work by hydrating dry hair lengths, in order to avoid more split ends.

vaseline uses on hair
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5. Use As Mousse

At least once in our life, we have run out of our favorite, be it beauty product or hair product. In case you relate to this and you have at some point ran out of mousse, Vaseline can be a substitution of it. All you need to do is spread Vaseline on your palms and run it through your hair.

6. Vaseline for hair growth

Vaseline does not only help with split ends and reducing scalp itching, but it also helps in case you have problems with hair growth. To help yourself with the hair growth you should softly massage the scalp area (the hair roots) with vaseline by putting a little of it on your fingertips. It is recommended not to run the Vaseline through the length of your hair as it will look greasy and affect the hair growth.

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7. Vaseline to Get Rid of Lice

Now, we are aware that children are more prone to getting lice, nevertheless, that does not mean that men and women cannot. In case you are that type of person who does not want to put any chemical into your head, then if applied correctly, Vaseline will suffocate or smoother lice and is a great way to get rid of it for good.

*Try Vaseline out on a small portion of your skin beforehand to make sure it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction.

Vaseline Uses On Face And Everything You Know About It

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