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Here’s What Large Pores Are And What Causes Them

Here’s What Large Pores Are And What Causes Them

Ever looked at your skin in the mirror and thought, why do my pores look like that? Why is that one day my pores are visible and some days it looks like they are not even there? By definition, pores are openings on the skin. Their purpose is for our body toxins and sweat to come to the surface. They open at the top of the hair follicles. The more that the pores are clogged, meaning the more dead skin cells, body oils and any other dirt are on them, the bigger they will look. I’m sure many of you have tried different cleansers, homemade remedies to minimize your pores, however, have you ever thought of looking up the causes and why large pores are visible.

Well, there are many reasons why your pores will look larger. Let’s go through a few of those.

What Causes Large Pores
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Oily Skin

There are a lot of oily face treatments. If your skin is oily, naturally the excess oil that sits on the surface of the skin makes the pores larger. This comes because the dead skin and the oils that sit on the skin will collect making the pores seem larger than normal. There are moisturizers used for oily skin which can help for this condition.


The skin goes through changes throughout the years. When we age the skin loses its elasticity and the oil production decreases hence why the pores tend to look larger. Anti-aging remedies can help to reduce the size of your pores. There are just some things that come with aging which we need to accept whether we like them or not.


You can’t permanently get rid of the large pores especially if they are genetically given. Fortunately, there are ways you can use to minimize them. You have probably seen a person with great skin and wondered the remedies and their skincare routine. And when you ask them what do they use or what is their go-to treatment on getting such smooth skin is well… nothing. This comes because some people inherited it. You may have had or have someone in your family, your grandparents or even great-grandparents with large pores which resulted in you having them as well.

What Causes Large Pores
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Unclean Skin

Never go to bed without washing your face. Going to sleep with a full face of makeup is never a good idea. The disadvantages that will follow can hurt your skin beyond your pores being larger than normal. Makeup is most of the times used to mask any skin imperfections, however, beauty products attract dirt and oils. You may have noticed the texture of the skin after you put makeup on a not washed skin. The pores are going to be more noticeable and actually shine through the makeup.

Sun Damage

Always put SPF on. Many of the beauty products, the moisturizers or creams we use already have sun protector factors which help the skin from the sun radiation. Sun can cause the skin to thicken. It may lose its collagen, water levels or elastin. The tissues beneath your skin will shrink and that can affect the size of the pores. Normally stretching them out even more. So the more that you protect yourself from the contact with the direct sun, the better.

However, large pores are nothing to worry about. According to a 2015 study, enlarged pores don’t pose any health problems. The only problem which they can really cause is aesthetical.


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