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Why We Got The Whole ‘Wrinkles’ Topic Wrong?

Why We Got The Whole ‘Wrinkles’ Topic Wrong?

Let me guess, you’re probably 20 or 30-ish, and you are already sensitive about those fine lines on your face. But hear me out, before you frown at your reflection in the mirror, why don’t we celebrate those wrinkles? I mean, we throw parties for just about anything, right? Those fine lines are not flaws or imperfections. Wrinkles are just a mark of all the fantastic things we have done and gone through so far.

Those cheek creases? Girl, they are only there because of those summers you spent underneath the sun, playing around in the ocean. Concerned about those crow’s feet? You probably spent so much of your time laughing and being in a great mood. Stress lines could be because of all the times you spent worrying about how things are going to work out. And this is why our lines are not only charming but beautiful too, as each one of them tells a story about us.

As a millennial, chances are that what you have are only sun lines and laugh lines. Every little wrinkle and line in your face is there because of a story and because of people that you’ve had in your life and the places you’ve been. So, why should we want to erase them, hide them, fix them, when they are living proof of all the amazing things we’ve done so far? And yet, here we are, in one beautiful piece. Let us celebrate them.

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I know that you are constantly hearing stuff like how your worth is not based on your size, appearance, or body shape, which is an amazing message, to say the least, but why don’t you join this body positivity movement and embrace what the activism is trying to teach you instead of being a passive viewer?

No matter what media, or your doctor’s magazines or your body shaming parent/partner say, you should only accept the idea that your worth is not linked to your looks. We should all learn to like and respect ourselves. This way, the body positivity movement will gain one more follower, and another person might feel free from unrealistic beauty standards that the society set for us.

Buuut, I know that that is easier said than done, so if you are really bothered by your wrinkles and haven’t listened to a word I’ve just said earlier, let’s break down why and how are wrinkles formed in the first place.

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First of all, our skin is composed of three layers, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.


The epidermis is the skins outer layer that is rich in keratin that provides our skin the roughness and water-resistance abilities it has. Dead skin cells are shed within this layer of the skin, and this is precisely where melanin is found.

2. Dermis:

The dermis is the layer that lies underneath the epidermis. This layer of skin is composed of nerves, fats, blood vessels, elastin, and collagen fibers. Collagen is responsible for our skin’s strength, while elastin provides our skin with elastic quality that enables it to stretch back and forth.

3.Subcutaneous tissue:

This layer is mostly composed of fat, and its responsibility is to keep us warm and hold all of our internal organs in place.

Whatever changes in one or three of these layers of skin, the effects are visible outside a.k.a signs of aging. However, it is not only aging that causes wrinkles. And that is why we need to go through intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging.

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Intrinsic aging

Once we become 20, our bodies start producing 1% less collagen each coming year. Since collagen and elastin fibers become looser, the skin too becomes inelastic and brittle. The exfoliation process decreases too, meaning our dead skin cells tend to accumulate and stick together for much longer. As we continue aging, the skin starts producing less and less sebum (oil). Therefore, the texture of our skin becomes dry and wrinkles become more visible. The final collagen production takes place during your 40s. After that, the fibers start to break, stiffen, and it’s very hard for cells to regenerate themselves.

Extrinsic aging

You know how you wake up one morning and head to the bathroom to wash your face, and suddenly you spot a wrinkle that you could swear wasn’t there the night before. It happened to me, and I’m guessing that it happens to all of us at one point in our lives, thanks to extrinsic aging. This aging happens due to outer or environmental influences that cause wrinkles. Those external influences could be the following:

– Repeated facial expressions or sleeping positions


– Pollution

Sun exposure

As I’ve said earlier, I don’t believe wrinkles are bad and that we should hide them. In fact, none of them are bad (except smoking and pollution, those are very very bad), since each of them tells a story, an experience that we went through, something or someone we have encountered. I always say that our skin is a canvas and our experiences are the art piece.

However, I want you to celebrate, but also stay healthy at the same time. In order to maintain that, make sure you do the following:

– Keep your skin hydrated

– Get plenty of rest

– Drink plenty of water

And you’re good to go boo!



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