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Pores: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Pores: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

When you are looking at yourself in the mirror you don’t want to see those clogged pores staring right back at you. And the urge to squeeze, pull the skin and poke won’t do any good. It will irritate the skin. And it might even cause more skin problems, such as pimples. Whether we like them or not, pores have a purpose and they pose no threat to our health. All the worries about the size of them are purely aesthetical. Unfortunately, some people have more visible pores and some do not. There is nothing we can do when it comes to shrinking them.
There are many reasons why your pores are bigger in size.
Firstly the size of your pores comes from your genetics, you are born with it. And sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. You can try and minimize the pores on your face, but that only will make them appear so. Other reasons why your pores might be bigger in size are:

Oily Skin

It is important to know the type of your skin. If your skin is oily, then the excess oils that sit on the surface of the skin make the pores larger. This is due to the dead skin and the oils they collect which makes the pores seem larger than normal.


Our skin goes through many changes throughout the years. It is known that with age the skin loses its elasticity and the oil production decreases hence why the pores tend to look larger.

Unclean Skin

Everyone knows that it is crucial to clean your face every day. Wash your face and do not go to sleep with makeup on. We can never stress this enough. Despite the fact that makeup will make your pores larger, all those beauty products attract dirt and oils which will make your skin get damaged beyond than just your pores looking bigger. 

Sun Damage

Sun can cause the skin to thicken. The more that you protect yourself from the contact with the direct sun, the better. Always remember to put SPF on, or at least use products that have the SPF component.

Having big pores might cause them being clogged if you are not careful enough. Now, clogged up pores have debris and the sebum inside them. Naturally, it happens because you are not taking care of your skin, you are touching it with your hands which is off limits. However, there are plenty of ways you can unclog your pores, keep in mind that you can never fully unclog your pores and you can’t permanently make them go away. They are part of us. Clogged pores are very sensitive and you are not supposed to touch them with your fingers. You will irritate them even more by squeezing and pimples may appear on the surface.

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Here are what you can use to unclog your pores instead of touching:

– Glycolic Acid

– Charcoal

– Retinol

– Extractions

The problem that most people face with pores is that they are visible. Depending on their size whether they look smaller or larger, some people just don’t want to see them. Yes, everyone wants smooth skin and will do anything to achieve it.  However, those pores don’t really pose any health threats. According to a 2015 study, the only problem they can really cause is aesthetical. Meaning if you think there’s something wrong just because your pores look larger then that it isn’t it.

Fortunately, by taking care of your skin you can make those pores seem smaller in size. You can minimize their appearance by using very simple steps. Here are a few of them:

– Don’t sleep with makeup on

I can’t say this enough, going to sleep with your makeup on is not a good idea. If you are planning on going out and having a few drinks, designate somebody to take your makeup off after you go home. Just like someone in the group has to be the designated driver. Name that person the designated makeup remover.

– Skin care

Most people have their own products they use before going to bed. There are plenty of those out there that can help your pores look smaller. Those products that claim they can minimize the pores do so by exfoliating the skin from all the oils and dead skin cells.


Being exposed directly in sun can cause the pores to expand. It is recommended to use SPF 30 and avoid the sun between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm.


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